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  1. It was ESET I turnt it off and the problem was solved Thanks to all involved
  2. Thanks cOFF will have a go at it a soon as I get home
  3. Hi i did a system recovery with clonezilla I will look into it tomorrow Marvel
  4. After the last update (30-08-2017) I have to reinstall all my modules ??? WHAT HAPPEND if I start the game up all my modulus are not installed,end no this is no joke Edit,Do I have to re-run all the installations again,I have done 1 off the modules and it installs without downloading anything,there must be something wrong
  5. Ok Thanks Guys,I already did a P.M to snowsniper I was hoping on a quick fix but no luck Major Marvel
  6. Hi "'HD 109-k cockpit with darker RLM66 and other nice details updated for Normandy map"' by Snowsniper I cant get it to work
  7. Hi All Is there anybody out there how can tel me how to install mods in DCS 2.1.1, in a easy and step by step way ,I know you have to put stuff in your saved games folder,but I cant get it to work :doh: (I also use OvGME) Thanks in advance Major Marvel
  8. Why Not Edit: if you want to introduce DCS to a bigger audience (Rift users) its not a bad idea
  9. No I mean the means to play DCS from within oculus home (start up),like elite dangerous is having now
  10. DCS and the Oculus Rift Hi All New here and hope to become a regular visitor,thing is before I purchase/try DCS there are a couple of things I would like to know,(the answers are probably scattered all over the forums so its easier to just ask them here). -Do I need the version on steam to make my oculus rift work,or can I use the version that been offered on this site. (I prefer the version on this site,installing steam gives me the feeling its taking over my PC.....(I know but its personal :music_whistling:) -I have a AMD card are the issues concerning AMD cards and the oculus rift resolved ? Thanks for your help Marvel :pilotfly:
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