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  1. Thats exactly how im running it.
  2. +1 for this mod. I have been oculusing since the dev kit days so maybe im just more sensitive to changes but this was night and day different for me. Love this depth this has given! No way im turning this off now
  3. what would we do without you? Thanks brother!
  4. i had that issue with neededing to switch the console in and out, but since a few windows updates i no longer have that problem. I did have a look for the audio merge thing you mention but cant find in here, mind pointing me to it?
  5. Yes that is as i understand it though you put it far better. What i was wondering about was the PD overide in the ODT. Does that start multiplying the resolution? There are still elements of the debug tool that i dont fully get, nor seem to find consistant info on.. i appreciate the explaination of the slider number though, that finally makes sense system to system!
  6. yes it does, the PC app slider is correcting for barrel distortion by super sampling in areas of the image to give a 'perceived' native resolution.
  7. start from the beginning please, what are your PC specs what are you using? Link cable or Air Link What are you running on the headset? 72hz? And what/if any upscaling?
  8. having a weird problem just started happening where the launcher splash screen pops up but then fails to load? When i delete it all, redownload and launch again the same problem exists. Any ideas?
  9. You don't set it, that's what the ASW does based on your chosen headset refresh rate. How well and smooth it works is dependant on your machine maintaining the target ASW figure. In short, can only hit just over 36fps nearly all the time? If so set 72hz and you're done. Don't need to use debug or ott. If you can only make 30fps, then use ott to force 30hz and you'll have to run 90hz as the nearest divisible the headset offers. Now it can get more complicated than this.. For instance, if you set 72hz and use ott forced 30hz then the ASW will auto divide it down to lock no higher than 24FPS.. guess what that figure is X3? See how it works? However the lower you go the worse the ghosting/shimmering is so you balance the compromise with graphics settings and supersampling to find the best experience. It's a lot of messing about, welcome to VR! But use right cntrl pause trick to view you're in game FPS and as you change settings on the fly you will see for yourself where ASW is holding, or failing to hold because your current settings can't hold it.
  10. well that doesnt totally make sense to be clear, in order of GPU required low to high... @90hz for ASW 30FPS maintainable target OR @120hz for 30FPS maintainable target (for which 90hz saves on battery and heat so 120hz is pointless) Also need OTT to force this. @72hz for ASW 36FPS maintainable target (where my rig sits and maintains comfortably) @80hz for ASW 40FPS maintainable target @90hz for ASW 45FPS maintainable target @120hz for 60FPS maintainable target If your machine can hit anything above 72FPS then on quest, you no longer need ASW for a smooth experience, and likely your rig is a good RTX setup! If you haven't noticed, the ASW figure is directly divisible. And this is really only based on what FPS your machine can consistently hit! if you can only reach just over 30fps, then use 90hz. If you hit 36FPS no problem (like me) but not make 40FPS consistently enough, stick with 72hz (ASW will be forced to 36FPS). Hope that makes sense.. If you ever want to confirm what youre hitting then in game right cntrl + Pause will show you where you are locked under ASW as you wont exceed that figure.
  11. the only time its worth higher than 72hz is if you can say hit over 40FPS consistently and you want a higher sitting ASW. Then run 80hz. Equally, if you want 30hz under ASW on the nose then run 90hz (as a multiple) If you can hit 36hz consistently then run 72hz and not only save on heat but also battery drain. At 120hz you will nail the battery fast even over link cable, unless youre running a high power output via a USB-C PCIe with sata power etc..
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=246820&key=b5ec9ff6456ea5dff7b5f04aacb8fa6f
  13. ive found mostly that the OTT is pretty much uneeded these days and im running a 12700k with a 1080Ti. 1.5 SS in the oculus software @72hz. I just use the Keygets shader mod for the FPS boost and everything runs locked at 36fps under ASW. Very happy with the results. I used to use OTT a lot but slowly ive needed it less and less.
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