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  1. Good day everyone. I am new to the Ka-50 and would like to learn all its systems. :helpsmilie: Because i use a rift, it is hard to learn by Tutorials on the Internet (Also it is more fun to learn with other People). Is there a way to join some kind of System and Flight training ? Or maby someone has the patience to teach me personally ? I would prefer German but English would work aswell. My Experience with DCS: Most of the time i fly the Huey. :thumbup: Flightmodel and Systems of the Huey are no Problem for me. Rarely I fly the su27. Thank you for reading and i hope to hear from you guys ;)
  2. Q. Will there be a Campaign for the Gazelle and the Bo 105 ? Q. Maybe even on the Nevada Map ?
  3. Hey.. I am New to DCS. But one of the first things I did, was looking for "Mods". And I am rly impresset what you can do in DCS. Not a lot stuff, but nice stuff ;) And i can play Online with others who does not have these Mods. Now thats ****ing Awesome. I am a huge modder but i never had a game who can do that. So google Mods and install them now ! Haha now i am Mod addicted. :helpsmilie: PS: Screw Grammar :,) Example (DCS Real Life Graphics / Ultra High )
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