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  1. Very minor error, but all the liveries (And paint kit) has the 'Danger APU Exhaust' warning on the wrong side.
  2. not only is it massive, but older Photoshop versions as well as GIMP cannot open the files since they are .psb and not .psd I'm working on converting them to .xcf for our GIMP friends and will post a DL link when finished. EDIT: DL Link for GIMP Paint Kit EDIT: User Tricky made one in .psd format which is significantly smaller in file size than my .xcf version (link here)
  3. PunchOut


    GIMP says they should work.. but idk if it was implemented yet (even tho it was almost a year ago)
  4. There definitely needs to be a 'Reset Trim' option, even if not "realistic." There's the point where we all have to realize that this is a game and not everyone will have the equipment required to simulate IRL to 100% accuracy. I've had a handful of sorties ruined due to the Force Trim as-is, and yes I know how it works.
  5. The addition of the 4-point Trigger Zone was a big step up from the Circle ones that we've had for years, but I would like to see multi-point or a free-form trigger zone option added. The ability to accurately trace country or city boundaries would be great for neutral-type factions/areas and No-Fly Zones for mission creation. Also, a web-based Mission Editor would also be a very nice little feature. Being able to draw up mission ideas on the go (read: while sitting at work) would be loads of fun. Maps/Overlays wouldn't need to be as detailed, just the basic functionality of ME and then tweaks could be made in-game.
  6. until they update the pilot/helmet like they did with the Hornet, that's all we have so far for the Viper.
  7. No, I'm here to blow up as much stuff as possible in an F-16 that LOOKS real.... yuge difference
  8. I think ED made a poor decision to remove the functionality for the plane to deploy smart weapons from stations 4/6. I completely understand the desire to be “as real as possible” and ED making a specific version of a specific Block of F-16. But at the same time, we are paying customers, and this is a game at the end of the day. We have users from all over the globe who wish to emulate what their countries Viper use If ED wants to strive for maximum realism then they need to disable the “game modes” and labels. And since this is a USAF ANG Block 50 Viper, might as well remove custom liveries as an option too right? We should be free to dictate how real we make our missions and how we fly them.
  9. cheers. wasn't sure where the best place to report it was.
  10. so it seems that ED removed two of the BORT arguments from the F-16...as well as some of the 'options' for the tail bort location
  11. JFC legit thought those were real photos. Awesome work as always man!
  12. the T-45 and A-4 mods seems to be able to use the catapults on the super carriers. Perhaps reach out to those devs and see if you can work together to get the Rafale working on carriers. I'm sure its been mentioned before.
  13. disregard, after about 2 DCS restarts it finally worked!
  14. i cannot for the life of me get this mod to work, especially winter. i've done cleanups/repairs, reinstalled mod. terrain settings on high, TOD/TOY set to winter, etc.
  15. i commented on the DL page, but the roundel on the underside of the wing is not oriented correctly.
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