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  1. Yep just realised my self that the parking break was on, i am such an idiot. Thank you
  2. I just got back into DCS World after a couple months break from it. Updated to 1.5 and started up multiplayer. Got into a server and started up the Hawk. Once started up I went to taxi and found I had to put full throttle to move forwards slowly. I couldn't steer, I tried rudder (didn't work) and I tried break steering (also didn't work). It seemed like my breaks were toggled on. I tried out the navigation training mission and taxied fine.
  3. OK thanks for the quick reply but I have run the repairer many times before with no success. Ill just have to wait until the next update I guess.
  4. I get this error when I try to run the setup application for DCS Hawk and select the DCS World folder for Hawk to install into and I get this error "DCS World must be installed" even though I have updated DCS World and can see in the bottom left corner of the main menu the version number Please help. Thanks Mark
  5. No this is through the setup on the application that I downloaded from the VEAO website and the DCS website.
  6. I don't know how to repair DCS because I can't find the DCS repair tool? **EDIT** Ok, found out how to repair DCS now **EDIT** Ran repair and then tried to install Hawk using the link in the steps from Ells and it still says I need to update to even though I have it.
  7. When I run the setup for Hawk it says I need to update DCS World to even though I already have it and have checked that is says this version number in the bottom right of the DCS World launch menu.
  8. I uninstalled DCS Hawk from the DCS World module manager and then installed it again from module manager. I also entered my activation code into licensing on the DCS World website on my account and unbound it and bound it back to my account but it still doesnt work.
  9. yeah ive checked all my controls work because I tried the airshow mission and i could fly but no alierons or anything moved.
  10. This might work try to activate or bind the product again.
  11. Exactly the same problem but have no idea how to fix it.
  12. Whenever I use the hawk the main buttons don't work only a few which don't change anything. And when I start a mission and the plane is already started up non of the alierons or elevators or rudder move but i can throttle up and fly with the landing gear stuck down. PLEASE HELP!!
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    Hawk Broken

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