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  1. And I have no idea why this image is up side down. Sorry about that !
  2. Hi all, I have this weird issue with DCS: as you can see in the picture, there's an overlay of the right hand MFD in the upper right that's shown in quite irritating big green stuff. Also, there's this extra display in the right lower corner. I think they are leftovers from some iPad apps I have tried. But the apps weren't that good. I have tried to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. Not even installing the apps and removing all those little screens. Any advice on how to remove this is welcome. kind regards, Herr Fledermaus
  3. Should have seen this post before buying this thing. I'm stuck on the "display profile selected" thing. And it doesn't show it is connected to the iPad, although the iPad says connected. Weird world of bits and bytes.
  4. This is so cool !! As a kid, I always wanted to become a pilot, but because I'm as colorblind as a bat, that didn't happen. A few days ago, I decided to buy me this freaking A-10 HOTAS and the A-10 module of DCS. And boy, this app is the cherry on the cake. I'm still trying to take-off for the first time, but I'm pretty sure this app will help. Thanks Camel.
  5. Thanks all ! And indeed I wasn't asking about hardware. FYI I'm playing on an iMac, using Windows 10 and bootcamp.
  6. Hi all, since I'm a noob to DCS I kind of waited for version 2. Now the alpha is here and the holidays are coming. I really do want to buy something but the 'special offer' page is empty. 1. Is it worth waiting for special offers or is the promotional stuff not l inked to holidays? 2. I love World War 2 settings. Is there a dedicated page where I can follow up on the Normandy and other WWII related progress? kind regards, Herr Fledermaus
  7. For the World War 2 lovers like me, a flying fortress or multi-person bomber would be so nice !! Imagine flying along with someone, sitting there in your gun-turret, being bored like hell until... Normandy! Luftwaffe! That would be so great !!
  8. You are welcome ;-) I learned a lot from things in this thread also! I learned a lot from things in this thread also! But still, it is a steep learning curve and to be honest and I still need to tweak the settings voor video. And I'm quite curious for this EDGE thing.
  9. Hey thanks for the advice. But I don't have a column labeled Track IR in DCS, but I do got the VJOY column twice. Anyways, it seems that it should work so I will remove every software this evening and try again. But: 1. is there a way to reset ALL controls in DCS to their default factory settings? 2. do I need the virtual joystick software that FaceTrackNoIr installs? I read some posts about it where people actually uninstall that software, although it comes with FaceTrackNoIr.
  10. For some reason, installing the FTRNoIR thing ruinued all my settings. Doesn't matter but it is weird. It added 2 profiles of that VJOY (virtual joystick thing) in my DCS and no views were available anymore. I reprogrammed the 'view slow' thingies but for now, I'm done with testing software. For me, it simply doesn't work, it messes things up badly. But yes, I'm a noob, and learning.
  11. Seems that the FaceTrackNoIR has kindof overwritten the POV settings of my X55 stick. Now neither work :-(
  12. Trying that FaceTrackNoIR at the moment. On my screen, it seems to be working (I can see my face being tracked in the FaceTrackNoIR screen). But in game, it's looking up without any response what so ever. Also, my POV knob doesn't work anymore. Does anyone knows what might be happening here?
  13. Wow this community is great, so much good advice for a noob. And I have some good news: I managed to land the SU-25T twice. Well, kindof. The first time, the ATC asked me to taxi of the runway but that wasn't possible anymore without working gear. But the second time, it was a rather smooth landing. I think I'm gonna help out other noobs by making an X-55 guide and profile to DCS. Maybe I'll put it on a website somewhere...
  14. Thanks, bougth the X55 Saitek thing and we will see from there ;-)
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