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  1. I met those four gentlemen, two P-47s and two P-51s who decided to escort me "gently" on a long journey to Lessay
  2. You're welcome I think that many of 2.7 crashes have to do with some no checking function argument consistency
  3. Code function test(level) trigger.action.setUserFlag('1',level) end missionCommands.addCommand('test', nil, test, nil) I know the documentation is clear about the values that can be set to a UserFlag, but a mistake initializing a variable causes a mess and it's hard to debug I made a mission to test that. The mission has a command menu named test, when you select it, DCS crashes immediately test.miz
  4. Good for you, make a video with that. But the subject of the thread is clear. May be you have to open a new thread with a subject of your concern
  5. If defeating a P-51D AI(Ace) on an Anton is still an issue, I made this is a video. Conditions are on the description
  6. Awesome video philstyle :surprise:. I'll link one here too
  7. It is you who call noobs to those who fly on Storm of War and as a result you are insulting the whole community there, but it is the community who hates you, Really ???!!!! . I fly there, am I a noob ?
  8. I completely agree. Hard to explain it better. Also the player you engaged against is one the most experienced DCS 109 pilots and has a hell of aim
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