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  1. hI , I have noticed some unrealistic behavior of the new vapor effects.. as you can see in my picture , the Hornet is producing high G vapor at a VERY low speed when it should really be happening over 250 or 300 Knots.. Is ED planning on fixing this?
  2. Ive noticed a problem with the wingtip vapor trails. When flying the plane airshow style and doing a high alpha pass, i have noticed the wingtip vapor deploys like a smoke winder... is ED going to fix this in the next patch? real f-18's and many other fighters don't generate wingtip vapor trails when doing airshow maneuvers like the high alpha.
  3. Please please include an f-18 clean of the racks in this next update lol. I hate flying a demo hornet with wing polyons
  4. First off this an awesome module and i'm very impressed with the detail and the flight model. My question is this , will you guys add a in flight damage model when the plane is pulling too many g's its realistically rated for? I hit the override switch in flight with about 3,000 pounds of fuel and manage to get the plane to pull about 15-18 G's few times. I know its not a constant pull but the wings should be snapping off the plane at that point. It would just suck to let pilots have the ability to hit that switch in combat with a full weapons load and have there planes not break like the F-15C.
  5. Ive seen a few guys manage to remove the pylon racks from the F-18 in pictures. How can i remove them?
  6. I was at 20,00 feet going over mach 1.3 and fired 3 R-77s at an eagle at 15 miles yet they still didn't hit him. So it really doesn't matter if your high or low , they don't track correctly. Once in a blue moon one may score a hit but in real life i know the R-77 is MUCH better than what ED has it. Its almost like they don't want red side having anything good.
  7. ED, There is a really big issue with the R-77's.. For one they Feel VERY draggy and they will NOT track an F-15 Even at 10km.. Meaning even if you get with in WVR range and fire an R-77 , The missile simply will not track and bleed there energy Extremely Way too fast. Only thing we can do is use them to make F-15s go Defensive but thats about it. Can you Guys please Fix the R-77's Flight model and make its tracking system better? because there Very Useless and its making guys on the Red Side VERY frustrated.
  8. First off 2.5 is AMAZING! But one thing that was a bit of a disappointment was the F-15. I took off with two full wing tanks to see if the plane had been given a new Damage model and notice i was still able to pull 9 to 11g with wing tanks on the F-15 but nothing happens to the plane. I find it funny how Every other plane In DCS (besides the mig-29) all have damage models but the eagle doesn't. What i wanted to ask was , Is the F-15 going to get a damage model from over stressed flight like every other mod since we are in 2.5?
  9. I know in 1.5 this may not be addressed at this time but are they going to fix the spotting with missles , shutes and airplanes? There were times where i seen a dot but couldn't tell what it was until closer. Same with missles , i sometimes think there are 2 planes the big dot is actually a missle. Any word on this?
  10. https://youtu.be/X3tWj55aqL0 With tanks and still able to do aggressive pitches , Slow high alpha passes , over G turns ect... This is the last of my post on regarding the F-15. ED Fix this toy plane :lol:
  11. Well Sorry on my behalf. I did not take the time to view your profile and probably wont anyway. My main message is to ED and that they need to fix this planes flight model.
  12. TRUST ME i know i wont win with you eagle fan boys but F-15s is no way should be performing like this at lower altitudes and slower speeds. They way the f-15 is designed theirs just no way. UP HIGH is where its best maneuverability should be not LOW and SLOW. Its needs a fix.
  13. I am also posting another video with wing tanks , AGIAN i can still attempt a slow speed low altitude high alpha pass and the pitch rates are still similar to that of an F-18 or F-16. I also manage to pull more than 9g with the tanks on , Plane doesn't even break or anything... Lol so agian i can see why many of you eagle fanboys don't want this plane to change. I would love to see how you guys fight if they ever created a damage model when over stressing the air frame too many times... FOX 3!! with a split S and bam!! a wing snaps off:megalol:
  14. LMAO an F-15E strike eagle.. Much more heaver , less of a Thrust to weight.. Those turns weren't even the same as i was doing with the F-15C , i would love to see an F-15E attemp such maneuvers and a low altitude high alpha pass like i did with the F-15C.. in my video, The plane would probably just fall out of the sky.
  15. Yeah... A room full of eagle fanboys , I already knew ALOT would disagree. I know you guys want your precious F-15 to stay the way it is because you can easily get kills and easily out maneuver misses when your plane is literally unbreakable.
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