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  1. I've found how to designate SOI but I'm still unable to figure out how to slew the TGP or HUD.
  2. Hi! I feel extremely dumb asking this question, but I am new and cannot find any information on it.. I have the X55 HOTAS and I have no idea what the keybinds are to set either the HUD or the TGP as SOI and then once I do that, how do I assign something to slew around in the TGP window? Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks
  3. I found the file, but mine says; UIMainview=viewports.center And it then defines the view ports. Left being x=o, center is x= screen.width / 3 right is x=screen.width * 2 / 3 When I set it to 1 screen.. labels were correct.. but the view was unusable. Any help you guys can offer would be awesome Thanks
  4. \I use track IR... and the messages were always on the left anyway... should they not have been?
  5. Please forgive the stupid question... where do I find that line ... how do I get there? And this one I know is bad... what does GUI stand for?
  6. Once I do this.... is there anything else I need to do when I start a mission... or just start as usual?
  7. Have you guys noticed target labels not moving with the target? all the labels seem to be way off to the right for me... no idea how to fix
  8. OK, after a but more messing around.. the labels are consistently to the right of the actual targets
  9. I updated to 1.5.7 and now when I look around, the labels move to where im looking. THey do not stay on the target. Anyone know how to fix it?
  10. What was the bundle price? I clearly paid for the map only... and they wont let me pay the difference between the two.. even though I showed that I bought it the day they released it for pre purchase :(. They were not particularly helpful, or even polite
  11. I have a key, but it just says Normandy map. I got it in mid March... and then they said if you buy it you will get both. :mad:
  12. I purchased the Normany map and Assets pack bundle... I have the Map.. but in the Module Manager, it says "Buy" for the Assets Pack...not Purchased.. WTF??
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