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  1. https://github-wiki-see.page/m/dcs-liberation/dcs_liberation/wiki/Dedicated-Server-Guide
  2. Missing this server so much........ Is there a possibility to have a copy of the mission? Even if it's an older version. Thanks!!
  3. En teoria no haria falta modificarla, si.....pero en DCS no lo es. Si miras tu propio video, cuando arrancas el avion tu altimetro esta por debajo del QFE y tu INS marca 37ft. No concuerda la altura. Las coordenadas podran estar bien como "la ultima vez que apagaste el avion" pero el altimetro no queda en 0. Aparece donde aparece cuando se carga una mision.... Esto trae diferencias de altura en los waypoints. Si quieren alinear perfectamente, hay que ajustar el altimetro antes de alinear.
  4. Hay que ajustar el altimetro antes de empezar a alinear. En el video de Wags tampoco lo hace....pero hay que ajustar el altimetro en QFE antes de mover el switch del INS a ALN o STR HDG. No sirve modificarlo mientras se esta alineando. En el caso de hacerlo en ALN, hay que reconfirmar las coordenadas con Enter como se explica en el video. En el caso de STR HDG no se puede. Hay que apagar el INS y volver a hacerlo. Por eso la recomendacion es que ajusten el Altimetro ANTES de alinear. Saludos
  5. I have already used my coupon but I can´t see the module in the list.
  6. update please!! this app is really important to A10C Pilots!
  7. :) I´ll try to explain a little more.. First you should try to understand how wind work and measures in DCS. Boris made a great guide. Save this link!! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=124711 Then how you enter the wind data and how it works. then you will need JSGME and Kneeboard Builder software. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=129341 In Kneeboard Builder select "Create Custom Kneeboard" then in Select Aircraft choose General DCS World Kneeboard. Move Dynamic Mission Briefing to the right. Click on Build Custom Kneeboard for General DCS World. Now you can see the mission briefieng in the kneeboard inside DCS. On the left side you can create your own custom pages for the kneeboard. now you need the JSGME MOD to enable the CDU Wind Data in the briefing. If you made the step before you will be able to see the wind data in the kneeboard. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2080541/?sphrase_id=6886913 or you can make the wind math with this excel https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/683972/ Hope it helps! Good luck! :pilotfly:
  8. Gazace why dont you try Kneeboard builder app?! It's free and awesome. It can make everything you are looking for and more. For example ...You can install extra mods like cdu wind and make it a kneeboard page so if you fly the A10c you will always have the wind data in there. Really handy. Kneeboard builder now works fine with ufmcd so you can have 2 kneeboards if you want. Lot of options... Greetings!
  9. Hi Sgt Baker...having some problems over here... In response to your question I have custom kneeboard built with kneeboard builder software, also have wind data and the briefing there. Really handy. The uMFCD kneeboard or double kneeboard doesn´t work on the A10C. It keeps coming inside the right mfcd. Haven´t tried another airplane.. on the Ka50 when I open the axis view window (rctrl+enter) it shows it inside the right mfcd too. Last problem.....when i close DCS, close UMFCD and re open everything again...UMFCD doesn´t show anything on my 2nd screen. Just works on the first try... Long live to UMFCD Greetings! .
  10. 2.6.8 is working really well but when I try to open the kneeboard with shift+k, it opens inside the righft mfcd on my second screen.....not in the 1st monitor. I´ve only tried in the a10c.
  11. I think he means..... http://forum.ultramfcd.com/
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