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  1. Personally, I think the holy grail is to have the fuel slider control total fuel (like it does in the mission editor) and also to have the ability to directly control the fuel in each tank (including drop tanks), where applicable/possible to do so.
  2. +999999999999999999 Personally, I end up using the F-shaped barrier in static objects -> cargoes, but having gambions like HESCO and numerous other obstacles, walls, barriers etc would be a god-send.
  3. +1 I would love it (and it would make parking slots completely redundant), but my guess is that the AI isn't ready for it, and doesn't have the pathfinding capabilities to facilitate it.
  4. Never is I'm afraid, elements of which were teased over 3 years ago, but nothing else since other than it still being on the roadmap.
  5. Well, it probably is pretty old though it's hardly the only thing. FWIW that's not the only limitation of it either, such as it not supporting multi-type refuelling - which is already a problem for our MPRS equipped KC-135R. We are however, getting more off-topic now (though I was the one who brought it up).
  6. Yep, unfortunately such as it is with the UK MoD, classifying everything. The only thing I've seen so far of its RADAR is a very brief clip supposedly of Blue Fox, from an old-ish Harrier documentary I found on YouTube (I've got it downloaded, but it since seems to have been taken off YouTube), I'll get some screenshots: In "Modern Fighting Aircraft Harrier" it describes the RADAR as having the following modes: Search, with either single scan or multi-bar: B-scope PPI Attack, supporting intercept and lead/pursuit or chase. HUD-cued weapon aiming for air-to-surface attack Boresight/air-to-ground ranging Interrogation As for the rest? We only know that it's I band, and is pulse-only (likely no LDSD capability). Owing to the small size of the antenna, I'd say it's reasonable that its range is probably quite low.
  7. That may be - it still isn't a different aircraft type. And when we get the A-6E, if we get the ability to mount buddy stores, it'll be a pain if we have to have 2 separate entries to support the tanker role, despite them doing things like this:
  8. I think upyr1 probably means checklists in the kneeboard by default, like the C-101 for example.
  9. Because DCS better lends itself to full fidelity aircraft and there are people who want to see them made full fidelity. And besides, FC3 is essentially LOMAC FC2 ported to DCS, improving the graphics and flight models (the the Su-25T still has the LOMAC FC2 exterior model). Are we just ignoring the 9-12 MiG-29 and the Su-25? I mean, the former ED 'hopes' to produce as a FF module.
  10. Well, having a separate 'tanker version' is more of a DCS-ism, IRL there is no 'tanker version' it's just a regular S-3B loaded with a buddy store. I'm guessing the reason why DCS treats the 2 as completely separate (when really, the buddy store should just be a loadout option) is due to some aerial refuelling limitation.
  11. Steerpoints in MP will probably come with mission planning tools as part of WIP DTC functionality.
  12. Against AI, jammers only do one of 2 things: Emulated track-breaking (breaking locks of RADARs locking you) - only the F-16CM and F/A-18C (at least). Reduces the lock and launch range by some percentage (possibly when outside the burn-through range) - everything else. Neither apply to AEW&C aircraft or search/acquisition RADARs in general. It should be possible to hide aircraft in noise from a SOJ aircraft, but I don't think this is possible in DCS.
  13. [citation needed] I mean, SEA and GMT without any clutter? How is that "close to perfection"? Let alone the other issues. I take it you're not aware of the Mirage 2000C? Which absolutely does have a much higher fidelity RADAR, in just about every aspect. Heatblur comes in 2nd place with the Viggen and Tomcat. Well, just about anything would be better than the spherical cow in a vacuum implementation we have for RCS, where it's a single, static value regardless of aspect or configuration. And for that look at something like C:MO, which does RCS based on aspect and configuration (in C:MO's case, stores). And? Here's a snippet of ED's own description for this "game":
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