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  1. It seems that I can only select bullseye via N, 00 WP or the last WP (by mission editor or user, I think). I can't select any in between. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Here are the pics!
  3. WIP for sure! https://www.facebook.com/316077818478863/posts/2948170435269575/
  4. Thanks. Cause I was confused, when I asked Razbam about this and they answered "it is now" (emplemented).
  5. I don't know if there is already a Q&A for this, and I missed it. Is there a way to have Magic seeker and Gun "snake" at the same time on the HUD, as an ACM mode?
  6. First, 24000ft it's rather a medium-high altitude. And also does it seems to you natural, even lofting, to reach 63000ft at 1600knots, without the motor engine burning too long?
  7. Just watch this Tacview. For sure SD-10 not has, but IT IS A HUGE BUG!!!
  8. I did that mistake, before I read your post. I lost my Saved Games folder at C:\Users\name\... and the game can't find its needed files.
  9. In my case, I had no problem logging in, and no crashes after. Just a thought, if it helps with the problem. Do you, my friends, start DCS as an administrator? Maybe it's important for this issue.
  10. OB ??? OB is the version, isn't it?
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