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  1. SU25T with no wings challenge download track Funny things Look well at the track.. And i can't remember how to look from the external view... Dumb me..
  2. By loading the mods all other mods will be gone with the meini .. Or switch the meini file with your old one each time..
  3. I saw thx but... I downloaded the mission and the map is empty.. Me.. No.. Compreded !! ;)
  4. BS ED moved to DX9 so should be no prob. Well IMO many guys will stick to Lockon for quite some time since they want to fly jets ..
  5. Broken my 2 wings on a su-25T and still flying no problem .. Got a reccording ;)
  6. but my MOD's is not free Well you'll get plenty of friends that way..
  7. Fllying online is the best fun you can have 100% agree
  8. To me lesser missiles better it will be.. better Fights ( Old School style ) :) Nothing better than close combat..
  9. A fake? http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=PThwvrYiTx8
  10. OK here a solution.. I tweaked and tweak to finaly find something that may fix this problem well actually this did fix the problem to me .. ;) And enjoying my "FUll" setting The problem is located on the "near_clip" many are using it too low so they should try this one.. You can just add this to the graphics.cfg file ... GOZR { near_clip = 3; middle_clip = 5.; far_clip = 80000; structures = {120, 7000}; trees = {10000, 9000}; dynamic = {300, 20000}; objects = {3000, 40000}; mirage = {3000, 7500}; surface = {14000, 100000}; lights = {200, 150000}; lod = 1.2; } Please lets me know if this helped to others. thx
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