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  1. … by using a Mirage 2000. Got tired of being killed in the Fw 190D-9. Thought I'd even the odds.
  2. Trying to play around with camera angles. I don't have track IR so they are limited. But I think it turned out ok. Also, I wanted to show the power and agility of the Hornet. Hope you like it. :)
  3. If anyone could make this livery(minus the civil reg. markings) for the DCS Fw 190A-8 I'd be very grateful. :)
  4. Yeah, it looks great. Maybe they can make a new D-9 using the A-8 model. A Jumo in the front and an extension in the tail and vertical stabilizer. Done! Sort of. :music_whistling:
  5. Yeah, pics of the initial model can be found on the web. The initial wing was very bad. They certainly improved it. But unfortunately it is still not representative of a Fw 190 wing. Made some comparisons between gun cam photage and the 3D model. It's an Anton but the Dora had the same wing.
  6. ^^ This! Same for me. As an artist, as well as being a model builder for almost 40 years has helped train my eyes to see when lines don't come together as they should.
  7. I made these comparisons using the drawing from the ED's Fw 190D-9 manual. I have tons of books on the Fw 190 and there are plenty of drawings in these books. In the end I chose to use ED's published drawing. GIF below. Notice the red line which shows the angle of incidence. Notice the angle difference. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons to the erroneous wing thickness/dihedral. Below, the thick inner part of the wing stands out. The excessive thickness is probably due to the incorrect modelled angle of incidence. Also the difference in dihedral is also noticable. Not 100%. But absolutely close enough to see the differernce between the drawing and 3D model.
  8. I just want to offer suggestions for improvement. I love the flightmodel in DCS. I'm not crazy about the external 3D model. The D-9 has the same dihedral and wing thickness as the other versions of the Fw 190. The new A-8 has the correct dihedral and wing thickness. I suggest they use whatever valid docs they have on the A-8 and apply it on the D-9. People have tried time and time again to show the incorrect wing on the current D-9 3D model. What are valid enough docs anyway? In short. The current wing on the D-9 3D model is wrong. Plain and simple. Pointing this out doesn't mean I don't enjoy the plane.
  9. Bumping this. I'm dreaming of a detailed external 3D-model for DCS. The DCS D-9 looks very dated. The D-9 screenshot thread is pretty much dead and needs new energy. :) Also, again. I'm lifting the too thick wing and too low dihedral on the DCS D-9. EDITED.
  10. First, love the Viggen! Love flying it in DCS! I fly in VR, meaning I spend most of my time inside the cockpit. But every now and then I like to admire the external model as well. I have but one small request. Please, if possible, correct the negative droop on the trailing edge of the canard. Currently it has an anhedral. The real Viggen canards aren't drooping. The trailing edge of the canard should be 90 degrees horizontal. A minor nitpick perhaps. But I would love for it to be fixed. :)
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