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  1. I've been having an issue with server timeouts in the latest few versions of DCS upon joining multiplayer servers. The servers appear correctly on the server list, but after clicking 'Join' the loading screen appears with no loading bar and after about 2 to 3 minutes it goes back to the server browser with the message 'Connection Timed Out'. This seems to affect any server, including servers being hosted by friends. I have tried disabling my AV and firewall but it seems to have no effect. I have also tried a full clean install of DCS including cleaning up the registry entries, deleting the 'DCS' folder in 'Saved Games' and also running the game without any installed modules on the lowest settings, but the problem still remains. I have attached the log files for my last attempt to join a multiplayer server. Hopefully this can be fixed soon! MultiplayerTimeoutLogs.Ranbi2Delta.rar
  2. Getting a similar issue as the client, except I'm unable to join any server.
  3. Same issue. I'm connected for about 2 to 3 minutes then I get a time out. Logs attached. Edit: Just to add. The message I'm getting is 'server ping timeout'. Can't even join multiplayer any more. LogsRanbiTimeout.rar
  4. I wouldn't bother about it too much. The sounds are still very much a work in progress. Hopefully all the sound issues with the jet would be fixed soon.
  5. That's because you've gone supersonic; you won't hear any sound from the aircraft ahead of the supersonic shock wave.
  6. Hi there, We just experienced a server crash. Not sure what caused it. Logs are attached. Thanks! VSAAF MP Logs.rar
  7. It's the same with most airliners as well. Pitot heat is normally left on regardless of the conditions.
  8. Hi Annelid, Please zip up and attach your dcs.log file as well as the .crash and .dmp files that are generated from the crash, so that ED can get more detailed info on it. These can be found under C:/Users/<Your User>/Saved Games/DCS/Logs. Attaching a track file will also help (found in the same DCS directory under /Tracks/Multiplayer) Thanks!
  9. I think that's the point of the icons. You are tempted to buy them the longer they sit there greyed out. :)
  10. Hi there, I experienced a crash today flying an F-15 during Blue Flag. I have attached the logs. Here is a Dropbox link to the track. Thanks! RanbiBlueFlagCrashFeb18.rar
  11. Hi there, Not sure if this is related to yesterday's crashes so I've made a new thread. Had another crash on Blue Flag tonight. Hope the log files help, but again, I was unable to attach the track due to the security token errors. Thanks! RanbiBlueFlagLogs.rar
  12. Hi there, I experienced some crashes earlier tonight when playing on Blue Flag. It got to the point where it would crash after about 5 minutes after the mission was loaded. I have attached logs for each one which hopefully helps you. I was unable to upload the tracks as I was getting a security token error. If needed I can provide you with a Dropbox link. Thanks! LogsRanbi.rar LogsRanbi2.rar LogsRanbi3.rar
  13. Hi there, Just experienced a crash that didn't generate any crash or dump file. I've attached a log file, though and a track file, if it helps. Thanks! Operation Blue Flag ver6.60 TestingMid-20160208-200116.trk dcs.logRanbi2Delta.rar
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