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  1. Is there any update on whether ED plans to implement these different nose fuses?
  2. I think it mentions in the briefing that you have to take off before Smoke.
  3. No, manual start. Radar was in the off position until I was low over the water. Edit: Now that I think of it, I don't remember ever getting a prompt to dump fuel to signal my flight to switch their radars on. As soon as I was settled ay 900ft in formation over the water, I think I just switched it on.
  4. I am currently trying to complete mission 14 and both times I've flown it I have gotten the "Thunderstorm" call, failing the mission. Not too sure what I'm doing wrong as: -I'm pushing at the correct time, flying in formation with the S-3 (on the left side). -I didn't turn my radar on until I was feet wet in the Persian Gulf, flying at 900ft. -Remained under 1,000ft the whole way. Only thing it might be is the AI. When we hit WP4 and initiate the turn into Iran, the AI flights immediately climb to around 2,500ft. Could the AI be triggering the "Thunderstorm" call? Or am I missing something?
  5. The Hornet is quite capable of flying an instrument approach using TACAN, without the need for an ILS. If your unsure how to do it, this video demonstrates how. Also, if your ceilings are much lower than those shown in the video, you should probably find a different airfield. https://youtu.be/Jyl54RNsWrE
  6. Was there a crosswind? Aircraft will yaw into the wind without any control input to counter.
  7. I believe the stores drag was adjusted in a recent patch. It feels quite nice now in my opinion.
  8. I had this exact bug last night. I figured it must've been because the S-3 had no fuel left to give. I just landed at the divert field as I didn't have enough fuel to do the Case III. Still passed the mission.
  9. Something similar happened to me on Mission 4. For some reason Biff just held short of the runway after I'd taken off. I'd almost got to Moapa before I noticed he wasn't with me. I ended up circling back towards Nellis and once I got close enough his takeoff was triggered and the mission continued as normal.
  10. It's not listed in the description on the ED store page?
  11. I can confirm this worked for me also.
  12. Hi Baltic, Are the A-10's supposed to have a livery? Mine looks like this in Mission 1:
  13. For what it's worth, this was my issue. I had miss clicked the mixture lever during startup and had it in emergency rich. Would explain why I had no power at altitude.
  14. It's a unique, interesting aircraft for sure. I do think there would be more appropriate aircraft to help balance the current plane set we already have though.
  15. Yep, I experienced this in the P-51 attack missions. It's also broken a few of the WW2 SP campaigns. Unsure if it's damage model related or the flak has reverted back to being super accurate.
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