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    DCS, XPlane 11, FSX, BMS...DCS is what I fly, though...2012-Current.

    Impatiently waiting for DCS: F-15C!
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  1. Sweep


    OP you realize your very first post in this thread refutes your point, right? The 120D started testing back then. It entered service within the past few years. You're gonna need a Viper from 2017 at least, AFAIK, if you want 120D. That's totally ignoring the apparent lack of data on how the 120D works.
  2. Left alt F1 removes cockpit and leaves VSD + HUD afaik.
  3. Well that's historically quite accurate, tbh. And, umm...
  4. In America, you follow guidelines. But in Soviet Russia, Comrade Weta, Guidelines follow YOU. :P
  5. Coz it's good for learning fundamentals of BVR. And besides that, shooting Sparrows at Redheads is just plain fun.
  6. Replace your Harrier with an F-35B and maybe you'll get Xrays. :megalol:
  7. 2560x1080 checking in. Poor man's ultrawide for the win.
  8. That'd be nice. Considering we got the Lima and the 7H...
  9. You mean Cope India '04 before the AESAs went into service? I mean, I guess any Russian radar could see an Eagle further than a radar that didn't quite exist... :megalol:
  10. GG guys. I concede the election for "Ruling Party of the AOR" to Blufor. I finally got an A/A kill in a TF-51D! Very satisfied with the opportunity to fly Red Air this round and poke some Eagles, Hornets, and an unlucky Huey's tailrotor...
  11. Some kinda unpopulated SA-__ site?
  12. Well, SOME Cessna's do shoot missiles...
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