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  1. Yeah, sorry, something changed in DCS along the way. I'm probably not going to be updating the missions any more.
  2. Please read the explanation about how to chose missions, specially regarding difficulty. I think you have good intentions, but to truly shine you need to read more.
  3. You are very welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying them.
  4. There is a flight plan in the kneeboard! you can change pages if you need to get to it.
  5. Thank you! but do some of the harder ones!
  6. Oh right! I didn't know the Ka-50 could carry sling loads. Yeah, I meant it would be unsuitable because the helo missions right now are either 'troop' transport or sling loads. If it can do sling loads then it makes it feasible to generate missions for it.
  7. It's really only the Mi-8 that can do these missions right?
  8. Because the F-15 doesn't have the complex system simulations of the individual modules. I think that without the more complex failure modes the missions will be a LOT less interesting. It takes a bit of time to set them up for each aircraft so I haven't done it yet. I will eventually, I just haven't done it yet.
  9. Ok, I've just finished uploading the updated missions. Ground power and refuelling services are now available at the FARP. Thanks for letting me know what was going on with the battery when the day was super-cold!
  10. I've just uploaded a set up updated UH-1H missions that fixed a problem with ground crew. Now you'll be able to get external power so you can start up in cold temperatures.
  11. Brix, I updated the missions about a month ago to fix the CTD. Did you download your missions before then?
  12. Ouch! did the low frame rates persist after take-off? the missions are actually quite simple, I'm surprised you are getting a frame rate drop.
  13. Ok, I found the vehicles I have to add. I will try and get a fix out to you all in the next few days.
  14. Starting the mission with not enough fuel is not a bug, it's a deliberate attempt to stuff up your day if you take off with not enough fuel. I don't like to put in silly 'gotchas' but this is one that you find just after starting the mission so I think it's ok. The issue with starting from cold is definitely there! I will look up how to make sure that the ground crew can give you power. And also, now that I think about it, they should be giving you fuel too, there is a fuel depot at the FARP!
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