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  1. They just keep telling us to wait patiently (and pay for new unreleased modules). I too would like to see a detailed report with specific milestones. My fear is that lua scripts cannot be multithreaded.
  2. The clipboard is empty, despite the dialogue said "keyword set was placed...". I did not connect VR headset, hence no mike, but it is irrelevant. Edit: I've reset the Keywords and it is working now!
  3. VAICOM cannot place them in the clipboard after Editor-Finish. Admin mode or not. What to do?
  4. Check your VRAM utilization in Task Manager - see if the slowdown coinsides with it getting full. If it is, google for ways to free VRAM (get rid of cliffhouse, SteamVR home and DCS hangar).
  5. I optimized for highest FPS I can get with my 1080ti. On MP servers my cores are loaded 60-70%, GPU 100%. FPS around 60, no reprojection.
  6. Keep hearing this, but on my PC all available cores (4 before on 4670k and 8 now on 12900KF) are loaded equally. I think W11 thread director is shifting the tasks around to load all cores, unless some of them have lower clock.
  7. You will see better performance if you fresh install W11 and clean it up from bloatware. Don't go the upgrade path.
  8. Not sure what you read, but I'm using it as a mod for a few months without any problems. Just unload all mods with OvGME before updating DCS and re-apply after. I attached this script in a compatible format. Empty Hangar.zip
  9. AutoHotKey script (in admin mode)? I did not try it for this purpose, but it seems to be able to send any keys to DCS.
  10. I tried A10C landing mission and don't see any problems.
  11. @jurinkoit may be caused by textures moving between RAM and VRAM. See these tips how to free up VRAM, and also google for Empty Hangar mod. If you are running your DCS from HDD or slow SSD consider upgrading to NVMe.
  12. Marianas is the worst map FPS-vise. I get about half compared to Caucasus. Just curious, what VR headset have you got? If not using SteamVR, it must be Oculus?
  13. I concur. 2.7.9 in VR is back to 2.7.6 level, i.e. FPS are 6% better than 2.7.8. Hope they have indeed found the cause and not dialed some settings lower!
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