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  1. Why doesn't he bite his teeth tho?
  2. I mean this could induce physical seizures in people
  3. Is this issue even reported yet?
  4. The Helmet mounted sight with the Archer puts the Tomcat at an extreme disadvantage, NATO did exercises to test this with the German Air Force MiG-29s and they absolutely clobbered the opposition NATO forces when unleashed with the Schlem and Archer combo. That 45 degrees off boresight shot capability does make a difference in who can shoot first in a turning fight and it isn't like a Tomcat is difficult to see. The only way to really counter this would be to stay within the Rmin range of that Archer missile and keep the fight close and not allow the MiG driver to extend even a little bit less you get bit with an Archer.
  5. Good to know, I really wasn't sure and did not want to make any false claims since I have never stepped foot onto a carrier flight deck and can only go off of anecdotal information I have heard over the years and also what I can find out using my google foo powers on the internets.
  6. don't forget blue shirts with cocks and chains and as far as ejecting goes, inflatable life vest / life raft for pilots so you don't just simply disappear when landing in water after ejecting
  7. DCS already has a "hear like in helmet" selection in the audio options why not have the Tomcat just sound like SMEs report when "hear like in helmet" is optionally selected by the end user? Problem solved and you still keep your artistic license. I accept checks and money orders btw
  8. Is your "driver" using the correct functions on the radio hat? There are 4... ICS 159 182 BOTH (didn't think it was working with SRS tho)
  9. The GBU-12 doesn't look right, I think the ablative version should have green laser sensor head and fins. Based on photos I've seen around the innerwebs.
  10. Found this schematic for the B model (DFCS equipped tho), it might explain why those stabs move like that on a cat shot.
  11. @BIGNEWY is PBG (Pressure Breathing for G) on the oxygen panel simulated in the DCS F-16C? Apparently this should give the pilot more G-tolerance than if not selected?
  12. You mean to tell me that "LEO the RIO" doesn't step outside the jet mid-flight and hook-up the towed target banner? Darn.
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