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  1. With the stick centre mounted like that (from below), and assuming you have no gap in your seat, is it actually comfortable?
  2. Hi I'm looking for advice as to how to mount super libra, taurus and f18 panels onto a 8020 rig, which happens to be also sim racing rig. Any ideas?
  3. Does anyone have an explanation as to why the 6800XT is performing better than RTX 3080, when in most non-vr games 3080 is on par if not slightly better?
  4. How do you choose profiles when you don't use the MFD exactly?
  5. how to remove pegs that hold the inner gimbal? i need help in removing these pegs.. i've tried the 3mm allen key, and used all my strength and it wont come out. i dont have one of those tools either. any ideas?
  6. Hello, Do you have more tips or a guide on tweaking the sound files? For example, besides changing pitch, what else is relevant to change in audacity? Also it would be nice if you can directly control the pitch in Hz using your program. If you're familiar, you can do this directly in simvibe/simcommander which is alot easier.
  7. Yes, just running DCS 1.5 I played all the missions so far on 1.5 and they worked. now it seems its missions 18 and 19 that don't seem to work. Will they be a fix for this?
  8. Mission s18 Wizardry broken? Hi mission s 18 seems broken. Tried it 4 times now. The vehicles taht are supposed to be charlie are stuck and won't move out to the sweet spot. is there anyway i can skip this mission or get a fix? ty
  9. Thanks i'll use the 3.5mm y splitter. should work. we'll see in a days.
  10. in regards to your earlier post, i have two 2 channel amps running two transducers each, this is coming from simvibe for racing. your right i could just swap the cables, but was hoping to avoid that.
  11. I tried to use the mixer program and put on stereo mix, but it still not work for all four. NOt sure why.
  12. 4 shakers support? hi i just bought your sound module, and sent the email for my key. I have 4 transducers at four corners of my rig. Is there anyway to get all four working? your software only uses the front two. IF not, how can i force it to use the back two transducers instead of the front two?
  13. how to setup view so that your head is further back against the seat?
  14. so what are the chances that crossfire will scale well with dcs world 2?
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