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  1. Viggen shirt made landfall in the United States! Thanks from St. Louis, MO! Frisco152
  2. The Adversary Professionals are looking to integrate with a DCS group who regularly needs adversary support or training. We are 67 members strong & mainly train and operate the adversary aircraft MiG-21 & F-5E, but are fully capable of learning/adopting other types of aircraft as needed per the training demands. We are perfectly happy with either joining another group’s already founded adversary squadron, or becoming the adversary squadron entirely. Integration with a new group should be done as effortless and seamless as possible. We already have a ranking system in place, but are happy to convert to the host group’s system as they see fit. We are still gamers, meaning that we enjoy “hanging out” and playing other games besides DCS, and we would hope to get along enough to do the same with whatever group we end up integrating into. Any groups that are interested, please either reply to this thread, or PM myself.
  3. I sure hope its only 2 weeks! :music_whistling: Frisco1522
  4. Leatherneck, once again, showing that they are basically the Beatles of DCS devs! Great stuff! Frisco1522
  5. "They have re-geared up, we’ve turned on the depot line, we’re building it back up in capacity and supply chain,” said Pawlikowski. “Our command, anyway, is approaching this as another airplane that we are sustaining indefinitely." http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a23537/air-force-fires-up-depot-line-keep-a-10s-flying-indefinitely/ http://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-keep-a10-indefinitely-2016-10 Frisco1522
  6. Yes, we at the Adversary Pros are just starting to really sink our teeth into flying the Tiger. Come join us! http://adversarypros.proboards.com/ Frisco1522
  7. Is this correct? I ask because the back-up ADI is "correct", but is in the exact opposite position from the main ADI. Frisco1522
  8. The closest I can come so far. (But not close enough) Wright R-1820G M 462-RF
  9. Interior shots, yes. Frisco1522
  10. BlackLion, how are you not a full-time LN member by now? :lol: Frisco1522
  11. Fun Fact: In the movie Top Gun, the scenes inside the aircraft carrier were supposedly taken from the USS Ranger, NOT the Enterprise. Frisco1522 P.S. MBot, I like the way you think! Dream big baby! Dream big! :thumbup:
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