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  1. I looked at your track until the point where you restart alignment. Until that part all was good. CDU was at, indicating alignment is complete. You just should continue with the checklist at that point, and everything will be ok. After EGI INS alignment is complete: 19. CDU - ALIGN Page - Depress NAV LSK. 20. Nav Mode Select Panel (NMSP) - EGI and STR PT, ANCHR, or TACAN, as desired. 21. AHCP IFFCC switch - TEST. 22. AHCP JTRS switch - ON - As required. 23. AHCP CICU switch - ON. 24. MFCD (L/R) - As required. 25. MFCD (Load Page displayed) - Load data (as required). .....
  2. The default position of the knob was changed per pilot feedback.
  3. Can you post a track? Just tested in stable. All red when I load weapons.
  4. At this moment, the gun reticule gives indeed "CCIP invalid" if it is not pointed at the ground. You can safely ignore that. A workaround is to change elevation data from DTS to HOT elevation: - use the DATA rocker on the UFC to switch from DTS to manually entered elevation. - The elevation will start to flash. -Either use the DATA rocker to select the correct elevation of the target (HOT), or enter it using the number buttons. -Press ENT to confirm. To go back from HOT to DTS: DATA rocker to enter the entry option and use the SEL rocker to set it back to DTS. ENT to confirm.
  5. The "CCIP GUN CROSS OCCULT" setting has nothing to do with the TGP Diamond. The TGP diamond will always disappear under the CCIP recticle. From the manual: CCIP GUN CROSS OCCULT. This allows the option to occult the TVV behind the CCIP gun cross in CCIP mode by selecting YES. So with the setting set to Y, you will notice that the TV will disappear if the gun cross is in the same position on the HUD. With the setting set to N, the TV and the gun cross will be displayed overlapping each other on the HUD (making it difficult to aim).
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