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  1. I see no takers for this one, well the fact is replacing the red button is problematic to say the least, it's not only difficult to install but it shares the same connector as the pinky switch, so some soldering is needed. I have to hand to TM for their ingenuity here...Really TM!! Now I know why no one messes with this unnecessary costly repair, especially as the new button will probably fail over time anyways and is in no way a DCS necessity for any flight model IMAO. As for the new PCB, it works great and brought my dead throttle back to life. It's a straightforward fix but be careful if you decide to do it yourself. Cheers
  2. I'm about to replace the PCB for the throttle and install a new red button too. Can anyone tell me if hot glue is really needed on the board, as I gather it's generally used simply to secure the connectors. Also, I feel a bit weird about the red button as there is no replacement advice about it anywhere, so perhaps I'm the only person foolish enough to mess with it. Has anyone completed this type of repair to date. Cheers
  3. I'm new to the Harrier, my problem is the annoying irregular igniter crackling sound always kicks in at around 9.2 RPM. It disappears once the engine has spooled up and everything is fine afterwards. I've tried APU/Gen starts but the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this? I thought the AV-8B was a straightforward cold start, so it has to be me right? Cheers
  4. I got an ED email reminding me my bonus points are gone this month unless I buy something, so it looks like I'll lose $30 cos' right now I'm saving up to prepay the much awaited F16C Viper. I love ED but can't help feeling hard done by, especially as I spent $135 in 2018. To sum up, my pre-purchase is gonna cost me $30 (lost bonus) + $64 = $94. Surely there's a better way to reward customer loyalty and provide some tlc (goodwill I mean). Let's not forget that we, the armchair pilots are risking our virtual lives every day in the beautiful DCS skies. I'm done rant over...for now.
  5. Thanks guys I'll give it another try when I get home tonight. I've checked the outside view of the aircraft on take-off and t/o trim etc all looks fine. Must be something else, but I'll let you know if I find the cause. Cheers
  6. Brake settings are fine, no taxi to runway problems at all and no movement when I power up to 80%+ when pedals are depressed. I can take off at a low altitude on a long runway, but kts are really slow and low. Hopefully there's a simple answer or fix. I'll keep investigating as I'm getting tired of my wingman giving me 'the bird' as he passes. Thanks
  7. Yep I do. It could be one of those early bugs which will be fixed over time. I've also noticed various strange issues in Instant Action which seem to change depending on the mission. It's still the best FM out there though and will only get better. Cheers and thanks
  8. FA18C Slow Acceleration I'm not sure whether my settings are skewed, but my 18Charlie also seems really slow on take-off, I'm using Thrustmaster's Warthog throttle, set to idle etc, rpms etc look good, but my wingman always speeds past me on take-off and leaves me in his dust, just like Lewis Hamilton, even though he's carrying the exact same weight. Tried Wag's method of standing on the brakes with 80% power before departure but 48kts still stays solid for ages. Is this normal? Many thanks Ps Playing in sim mode
  9. Well after all the umming and ahhing I decided bigger was better, at least it is in this case. I manned up and found a great deal on an LG 34" IPS 3440 x 1440 monitor for under £400. I am still very surprised that after reading all the monitor reviews and watching loads of Youtube unboxing videos etc, it all came down to the responses on this forum that helped me to decide. No one can say I didn't do my homework. Thank you all again. Ps. I'll never squint at a ZSU 23-4 again.
  10. I thought choosing a new tv or monitor for my PC was a relatively quick and easy decision, I was so wrong about that. Anyway, I've finally decided to buy a 21:9 IPS 29" wide monitor, which should keep me happy...at least for now... I hope. Many thanks Firmek
  11. My real issue is cost, I could get a bang up to date smart 32" tv for around £300, great colour picture, wide screen and it doubles as a PC monitor. I sit about 2ft away from my monitor so can't go much bigger than 34". I can see now that I'll experience some real problems with input lag, which in turn will affect AAR, gunnery and possibly any type of precision flying, not to mention the other issues such as ghosting. I'm going to check the more expensive £400+ wide screen PC monitors, but they also have their fair share of pros/cons. Does a 3440 x 1440 resolution work okay with DCS? Thank you everyone for your helpful replies.
  12. Many thanks for the responses, however a 32" PC monitor like an Asus or Dell are so much more expensive when compared to a smart TV maybe for obvious reasons. I expect I'm looking for a large monitor at an affordable price and all the decent 32" PC monitors I've researched are pricey to say the least.
  13. Hi I'm debating buying an 32" LED Sony 1920x1080p 60Hz over a dedicated PC monitor. It'll be hooked up to a GTX970 GPU which is currently hooked up to an old but reasonably good Dell U2412M (1920x1200 59Hz). I'm operating within a relatively low budget and wondered whether anyone has experienced any real problems with this type of set up on DCS. I know an LED TV set will have it's limitations, fps, HDCP1.4 etc but I'm prepared to compromise in favour of a larger widescreen and better immersion in DCS. It's the only sim of any kind I play, so I'd also like to know if DCS can be displayed fairly accurately on the Sony or similar LED set. Thanks
  14. Never focus on the boom unless testing the ejector seat and parachute I think! Tanking is a challenging skill to be mastered, but not a popular one in my book. Unfortunately, there is no interaction with the boom operator and no flight manual info' for the PFM F15C, so I expect it's low priority for most users. I should really get out more...
  15. Think I'll try A10C AAR next, it's bound to be easier from a visual point of view, as the boom is on the nose, and I don't have TrackIR as yet. A really great way to learn how to control the aircraft with precision, if you don't run out of patience first.
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