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  1. Curious if I install the beta, will it use up an activation on my products?
  2. I have $47 in bonus credits, per my internal accounts balance. I'd like to use that to purchase the Saber, but it's only letting me use $15. Is there a way to use all of it, or am I limited?
  3. ok, whew, that worked, there was just no direct link from anywhere on the front page options.
  4. It was there before the rollover from RRG into ED. I can't find it anywhere on my main page after I login. Anyone else have issues?
  5. Out of Curiosity...is 1.2.7 the new EDGE engine? Just wondering. Is the new EDGE engine in 1.2.7? I was under the impression, for some reason, that this is what we are testing right now. I could be entirely wrong.
  6. I upgraded my Processor, Motherboard, and video card today. I've tried several times to get into the game, but it keeps asking me to reactivate all of my modules. It's asking two and 3 times to reactivate each module. Every time I reactivate, another box comes up for the same module. Eventually, it stops and moves onto the next module. After I do all of this, the game loads, and I can't get into the cockpit because it still things I'm not activated. Any clue what I should do? I'd hate to do a complete reinstall because I'd have to download it all. Not a huge deal, more annoying than anything. My biggest issue is with FC3, I will need to relocate my Lockon CD, and that may be a little difficult as we just moved and stuff is still in boxes, which I know it's in a box, just a matter of getting to it is going to be...difficult...right now. Any help? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I'd hope a dedicated server would help, too. Here's to hoping we see an update sometime soon.
  8. Are we going to see some updates for the networking code to get a larger number of players onto servers anytime soon? With RRG's WWII stuff funded, a massive update to network coding will really be needed to get a large number of players into servers.
  9. No, upgrading the RAM will not help in this case. You must get a new video card. You can find some good deals on Geforce GTX 460's, it would be a decent upgrade for that computer. And you building a new machine to be able to play DCS wouldn't be just for DCS. Build yourself a proper gaming rig, a windows PC gaming rig. If you really want to play games properly, especially sims, it's best to have a Windows PC, and not a dual boot MAC. Edit: Sorry, just realized you have a Macbook PRO, the laptop. Sorry, you're SOL on that. You really need a dedicated Windows based gaming system. Sorry to say it. Otherwise, you are pretty much stuck playing BS1.
  10. This is your problem. It doesn't cut it anymore. Also, 8GB RAM is really needed if running Windows 7 64-bit. BS1 ran on an old version of the DCS engine. The updated engine needs more. Also, My machine specs are in my sig, and I get 50FPS regularly, sometimes dipping into the low 40's in heavy smoke areas.
  11. Beautiful new EDGE videos! I was wondering... Just saw the EDGE videos on Gaming Shogun's website. Awesome stuff. It's breathtakingly beautiful. My question, at this point, is why haven't ED made an FSX type of game? They would make a killing if they could get an FSX type game out there, with the world modeled appropriately with the EDGE engine, and their module nature, could easily destroy the market for consumer based aviation sims like the FSX line.
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