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  1. Been flying the sabre a long time now and i like it. When it first came out it was horrible (for me) virtually no rudder, stalled very easily, hard to maintain energy, wrong guns (M2 instead of M3) lots of bugs and inaccuracies. But now its a delight to fly, great visability, good cockpit lay out and systems, fast, stable, long range, good (if not complete) range of bombs rockets etc. But the guns and sight really loose it down as 71st Rob says the projectiles are always below the sight line and dropping, the projectiles should intersect the sight line at the computed range, but they are always below. Gun over heat is crazy completely over done. So for me the saber is great to fly but not so good for fighting because of the sight/guns (and limited damage model) But the good news is its easily changed for offline and online too on servers not running the integrity check. For anyone interested in trying :- Back up your F86.lua original and keep safe. Now modify a version of the f86.lua with the following. open f86.lua and scroll down to shot_heat = 7.823 and change to shot_heat = 5.823 barrel_k = 0.462 * 2.7 and change to barrel_k = 0.462 * 5.7 scroll down to the guns section and find elevation_initial = 0.0 and change to elevation_initial = 0.5 (play about with this figure 0.5 0.6 and 0.7 all work well just test and find what works best for you) Remember to change all 6 guns. save and test. The above works perfectly for me from 600ft all the way out to 2000ft, low to high angle off, just exercise good pipper control and allow the settling time of the sight. Migs (ai) still take a lot of hits to down but at least you can hit them (simple damage model) I ignore my tracers (or remove them by modding the mixes in this file 1 is AP--- 2 is APIT) and just trust the sight, but you need to just concentrate on the target and sight reticule so a good wingman is very useful. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes what ART-J wrote. manual ranging to max on the throttle twist grip, then radar ranging will work.
  3. Hi Same problem here since 1.5.4 update 1. 1.5.4 gave a similar problem the camera seemed to move too far when looking up or down. But 1.5.4 ud1 camera moves too far then does a flip when looking up or down, left and right are fine. Anyone have any ideas how to fix? Many Thanks S!
  4. Hi Gav. I've never had any luck with the gun sight in F86, its always under leading targets, even from dead level 6 shots go low, really needs fixing. And the mech cage sight is miles off, sight is always pointing well above bullet stream.
  5. Yes the problem is the sight doesnt look/point down enough, the sight line is always above the projectiles. When using the mech cage 600ft i would expect to see the tracers pass through the center dot of the reticle (going up) fly some distance and then pass through it again (coming down) but the tracers are always below the sight line. Does anyone have the correct dimensions in the vertical for the distance between the center of the gun sight and the muzzles of the guns ? if so it would be easy to work all this out, either just bore sight, and or actual trajectories using a .50cal elevation chart for bullet drop. I've worked this out in the past, just scaling the f86 model in game to get the vertical offset between the guns and gun sight and worked out on this info, the sight needs to look down 20+MOA more iirc. But with the actual dimensions this could be worked out accurately. Good post Rob. Make a copy of your lua file and change the elevation azimuths from 0 to 0.333 (degrees i think) and see the difference, i know elevating the guns is incorrect, but i cant find the file to depress the gun sight. Only works offline. Hoping this gets sorted, over heat too.
  6. Yes as the guns over heat (too quickly) the dispersion grows to insane levels and the velocity drops right off, this makes the gun sight totally usless even at very short ranges. As the sight isnt quite estimating lead correctly with a cool barrel its off by a huge amount with a hot barrel. The guns, ammo and sight in the F86 needs some serious work, to bring the gunnery up to realistic levels.
  7. Hi. I just updated to 1.5.3 update 2? and the control panel for the radio compass (sorry forgot the correct name) now has a bug. If i move the rotary switch to select a frequency band say 200-410, the dial jumps to 850. i can move the dial to the correct band by picking the different bands using the rotary switch, it just that the rotary isnt selecting the correct frequency band.
  8. Hi. Same here too. Turn the brightness to max and switch on the secondary element/filament (i forget what its called) theres a key binding for it and if you want to mouse click it, its behind the stick near the floor. will really help you to see the sight. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi. I updated to 1.5.3 recently and when fighting in the F86 instantly noticed what i assume to be gun over heating. Even firing my regular short bursts either on migs or ground targets i see my shot pattern/dispersion really open up to quite large and unrealistic levels, and when i say short bursts i mean 2-3 half to 1 second bursts, however unlike the P51 if you fly around a bit the guns do cool down and the dispersion shrinks back down again. Anyone else notice this? The F86 really needs some love from the devs in terms of guns and gunsight, and the overheat seem over done to me, but the plane itself is now a joy to fly after recent improvements. Also for anyone who thinks the sight brightness is now to low and has problems seeing it:- turn the brightness to max and turn on the secondary element, theres a key binding in the controls, but if you want to mouse click its behind the stick near the floor. Devs please look at the sights too, the mech cage sight needs depressing approx 6mils and 8-10mils for the gyro sight.
  10. Yes same here. Offline i get a 80-90% miss rate, even from six on a not maneuvering target with a slight look up and the sun behind me, 1-2 G's, no clouds, good lock tone and the missile comes off the rail flies straight, goes past the Mig and disappears into the distance. I try to fire from at least 2000-3000ft range to give the missile time to track/adjust its flight path, but the results are very poor. I understand these are very early missiles with a high fail rate, but even under near perfect test conditions the miss rate is high. Maybe the Ai chops his throttle and reduces his IR, not sure. The 2 missiles really kill your speed too, a lot more than 4 drop tanks, 16 rockets or 2 bombs etc which are a lot heavier and cause more drag, This also seems strange. The F86 is a real nice plane to fly and hopefully all the bugs and missing features will get sorted.
  11. Its a safety feature of the sight. If you get too close the radar looses lock and the gun sight jumps back out to max range, so your reticle gets smaller and if your in a turn or pulling G the reticle movement is amplified due to the now increased range the sight and radar has assumed, so the piper usually drops to or off the bottom of the sight glass. I have the mech cage button mapped on my joystick so i can press it quickly if i get too close and get some shots in. The F86 seems too fast when i want to go slow and too slow when i want to go fast lol. But i just need to think a lot in advance and use the throttle and speed brakes a lot to prevent passing min range. I also find the lack of rudder causes too much time to be wasted saddling/lining up for the shot so its easy to pass through min range or over shoot completely. No problems lining up in the Mig the rudder works very well. S!! Hub.
  12. Hi. I get this bug online and off line too. Example:- I close on a target (Mig) thats within the radar sweep range, the radar fails to detect the target, radar red light stays off. I close on the target, still radar wont detect target. I hit min range for radar, the radar wakes up and the red light comes on for a split second and then the light goes off and radar looses lock on the target as i am now below the min range. So i break off and reposition for another attack and the radar works perfectly at any range within the sweep range of the radar. This happens to me on about 25% of the targets i engage. Its like the radar cant see certain planes until min range, then it wakes up and all is fine. To test this i built a simple mission ( icons on for checking the range) with 4 blue Migs flying straight and level line abreast at 15000ft, I start a Mile or so behind in a blue F86, I close on the Migs to within the sweep range of the radar, I place the piper over the first target and the radar locks and the red light comes on. I move to the next Mig and so on, but there is always one Mig that the radar wont lock on till min range, and if i run the mission over its not always the same Mig. Its as though there is one Mig the radar cant or wont see till min range, then if i break away and come back the radar will lock it no problem from any range within the radar sweep, but it has to see it once at min range for it to become visable to the radar. I've tried different angles of approach, setting the sweep knob at different positions, pressing the target selector switch, rotating the sweep knob all the way to min/off then back up again, turning the radar and guns off and on (center console), but still get the same results, for some reason the radar occasionally wont see a certain plane till it hits min range at least once. Has anyone else had this problem? Its also quite annoying to have the radar loose lock just as your about to press the trigger, seems to be about 600ft, but some documents state 450ft and others 600ft so i'm not sure which is correct. I've read posts on this forum where people are saying they place the piper on target, track for 1-2 sec and fire and hit, I always find i have to give a slight lead to the target otherwise the shots just pass behind his tail. i tested this with a friend online and he flew a constant turn and i sat behind him 1000-1500ft perfect tracking, my piper sat on his plane for several seconds but the bullets always passed just behind his tail, but if i place his nose just on the diamonds, the piper out in front of him, hits every time. Again not a complaint just an observation from me. I really enjoy flying the F86 but the guns/ammo and sight needs a little love from the dev's. S!! Hub.
  13. Hi. I looked at the P51 guns a while back and using the gun positions and angles in the lua file, i worked out the current convergence in the horizontal as:- inner pair 1007ft, mid pair 1466ft and outer pair as 1337ft. I've looked in all my books and all over the web but i cant find a chart that ties up with the current pattern. The current in game convergence works ok, but not as good as a custom point convergence, for me anyway. S! Hub.
  14. Hi. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, if its a bug, or its by design, or if the real F86 was set up this way. In DCS in the F86 flying straight and level at 1G when the A4 gun sight is mechanically caged if i fire my guns i see the tracers pass approximately 8-10 mils below the center dot of the reticle. As i understand it when the sight is mechanically caged it ranges the sight down to 600ft as shown by the range dial, so the reticle should be depressed to cross the paths of the projectiles at at this range 600ft. So when looking through the sight you would see the tracers coming up to the center dot, pass through it, above it and then fall away at longer ranges. As i see it the sight reticle is set too high and the tracers never come up to the center dot and are always below. I have noticed a similar problem with the Gyro/radar gun sight too. For example if i fly 300-400 yards behind a Mig (a simple mission i made to test this) either matching his speed or with some closure, if i put the center dot on his tail pipe and fire i always see my tracers pass a couple of feet below him and observe no impacts, if i place my center dot on the top of his rudder/elevator and fire i see my tracers hit just above his tail pipe and observe impacts/hit flashes. again its as through the reticle is set too high in this case by 3-4 mils approximately. The results are the same if i electrically cage the sight. If in the above test i switch to the rocket sight with 0 mils depression and place the center dot on the Migs tail pipe i see my tracers hitting in this area and observe impacts/hit flashes. This is also what i use when shooting ground targets as using the mech cage sight (as per quick manual instructions) causes the rounds to strike the ground in front of the target and obscures it with dust etc and is very wasteful of ammunition, but using the rocket sight at 0 mils depression (or maybe 2-3mils if you prefer to shoot from a bit further out) is very accurate for GA. Like i say i'm not sure if this is a bug or if its intended to be this way or if its how real F86 had its A4 and guns set up. If anyone could comment or advise on this i would be grateful or if BST are aware if its a bug or a feature? Many thanks Hub S!
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