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  1. My Quest 2 stays fully charged, or will charge back up from nearly depleted, while using the Oculus Quest 2 Link cable, or my 10000 maH cell phone battery pack. When using Virtual Desktop, the Link cable serves to keep charging the Quest 2. Using Air Link, my Quest 2 will go from 20% charge to fully charged. All while flying DCS. The secret? a Gen2 USB 3.1 card in the back of my PC. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B087G7T234/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Can't. Get. To. The VAICOM PRO Configuration Window. Click on the image. Do you see how big the BIG WHITE BACKGROUND is of this screen? For months, I could never get the VAICOM Pro Config Window to display. It seemed to be locked to the Taskbar. Then, just recently, I discovered: The only way I can see the config window is to LCTRL+LALT+C while in VA: nullnullnull...then Open Task Manager: ...and Right Click and "Maximize" VAICOM PRO for DCS World. What gives? Could not find this in any forums or support pages. Am I the only one? Please help! Regards, Curveball, #302 VFA-113 Virtual STINGERS
  3. Okay, thanks! I think I just needed an outside perspective, and I'm all squared away now. At least as far as my DCS Hornet NWS is concerned! Regards, Curveball #302 VFA-113 STINGERS IHulkbust, it was your paddle switch suggestion that set me straight!
  4. just tried several times, spawning on CVN (SC) deck, using either keyboard NWS or mapped HOTAS button. When attempting to switch to NWS High to begin taxiing to the catapult, "NWS" on the HUD disappears, and ceases steering on deck. No amount of hitting the controls for this function seems to return it to working, and neither does spreading/folding the wings... Track file included. NWS-Disappears - Copy.trk
  5. Thanks, but the mission narrator seems to have wandered off to the pub...
  6. Wonderful Module! Called up Ground Crew, hit F6 "Start Priming Engines", Chief says "Copy", then nothing happens even after waiting many, many minutes... So I skipped this training, went straight to "Takeoff" Instant Action.
  7. no curves for the Curveball, or deadzone, either:
  8. That would make my "Final Countdown" mission much simpler to run!
  9. Please let me know how you are absolutely certain of your assumption...
  10. Mine CTDs within seconds after logging in, and no report window comes up... dcs - 2122_14Apr2021.txt
  11. Please don't fix this. I can literally hear the wind volume increase when my head is near the canopy in VR. Which is as it is in real life. As soon as I hear that, I just don't move my head any further. However, it's also a hoot to trim up the aircraft, and get out of my seat and walk around the plane while it's flying.
  12. Ah! I did ensure I locked the primer this time. It flew much smoother, but it still did sound the same after takeoff. With the canopy open during the landing pattern, the WASP radial sounded like an ailing VW Bug... Gah! I'm going to have to upload the .trk to my OneDrive, and post the link here. It's too big, and I don't know how to truncate it! DCS-Troubleshooting Folder It's in the folder linked above
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