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  1. Sadly I cannot participate today so I'm going to have to cancel due to unforeseen events.
  2. SF_Ocelot Finland SF Squadron Finland GMT+2 Open beta
  3. I will have to also cancel since I won't be home for the event. Apologies and hope you'll have a great time.
  4. SF_Ocelot Finland SF Rovaniemi, Finland
  5. I max out on my GTX 970 VRAM at medium settings @ 1440p, at 11+GB VRAM usage at times. Come on, it's a VRAM leak issue for now, so one can't really say anything at this point about VRAM until they fix it.
  6. Ocelot F-15C Finland Available on 16th and 17th at stated times Read, understood the rules and agree
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