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  1. Usually at the point where the range to target is too close for the eos to look below the nose you can switch to vertical scan and invert the jet. A bonus is that players are usually far less wary of ETs falling from above when they are dirt diving than when they're astronauts.
  2. It is probably too high of a take off speed you're usually hitting. Try taking off at mil and start rotation at 280, gear up and flaps up be 350 easily there.
  3. Launch overriding ETs (from the contrails) can work well against human players , and I think the AI now doesn't recognize bvr ir launches. Often if they're burning (which they should be) you won't even need to LA as the missile will already see them.
  4. I think the reason the 3-9 line is overrated is because it's taken as a complete defense while it's really a transition (unless the launch against you is near to Rmax). Often it's the first and more or less only piece of advice given, along with chaffing/flaring. It was the first decent reply in this thread for example.
  5. Knowing that missiles use lead pursuit to intercept their target, slight adjustments in the targets flight path cause the missile to correct course by a much larger degree in order to get where you're going to be to intercept. Pulling numbers out of my ass, but to display the point; a 5 degree nose up for you could cause a missle to pull its own nose up by 15-20. Thats obviously harder on the missile than you, but countered somewhat by the missile starting out with so much more energy. Since you got so much control over the missiles flight path, you can use that to bleed energy or guide it into terrain. People will also tell you to fly as fast as possible because the higher your speed the farther away that intercept point will be, and the more the missile will have to adjust its course at the cost of energy.
  6. I also prefer a tighter resolution hud even on my 1080p monitor. I think that moving the trackir longitudinal axis further away reduces the hud size, and then you can use the regular zoom to set your FOV.
  7. This has been brought up before. I think the response was along the lines of only a DCS level module for the SU would bring improvements such as this.
  8. I heard that it's active from 18kms, which is close to its effective launch range so I just shoot and extend.
  9. A new 27 variant would be most welcome, but it is not going to happen before DCS F22 arrives. And an update to allow the current 27 to carry Adder is never going to happen. If it did, we'd see the calls for EOS variants in F15s, updates to their radar suite and so on. You can complain. Most have grown tired of it though.
  10. Are you saying they're breaking lock at 15kms? If not, then the above is likely your problem. Adjusting the range for the radar alters the degree of movement per click up or down on the radars elevation. Even knowing their altitude you could be too slow in moving the radar. I would leave it at 10 always.
  11. When you engage AP in conditions that will cause the jet to oscillate, the jet adjusts trim to help correct. Presumably disengage keeps the last held trim adjustments, while reset also wipes them. I always used the alt-9 combo due to this.
  12. Everyone experiences this, usually at high altitudes. I think the Flanker irl has this characteristic but it's something to with the sim reading the jets ground speed rather than air speed and it believes it's going too slow at higher altitudes. Whatever it is exactly, we all have it and to stay in level flight you just need to be going above x speed at x alt. As I remember it you wanna get yourself trimmed and be above 1100kph groundspeed to be safe from the oscillation if you're going above the contrails. Above 9000 metres you'll need at least low stage burner.
  13. Rudder pedals are unnecessary. That money would be better spent on trackir or saved unless you're interested in helos, at that point you'd need at least a twist yaw and, far better, pedals. F-16 has rudder pedals, easiest way to control yaw and when taxiing. WW2 planes may benefit from pedals more I hear but I can't say 'coz I don't fly junk. I had the T-Flight hotas for over a year and it was excellent for it's price for FC3 aircraft, I drew the line at A10 though due to the lack of buttons. Some sicko called Titanfire on 104th has programmed near everything onto that stick tho for A10 so maybe it's ok. Current X52 version is quite well known for not being very good/durable, never had one myself. Online play, unless it's private group coop, is mostly airquake, or formation flight stuff on disgusting pacifist servers. Airquake was fun for a while though, from the very beginning too. Squadrons or some friendly wingmen increase realism.
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