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  1. Vino

    Starting M2000

    Ok. Thank you guys! I’ll give it a try
  2. Vino

    Starting M2000

    I got the artificial horizon to work, but every time I run test switches, they blink red… that was not before.
  3. Vino

    Starting M2000

    Hey all. I'm having trouble starting new version of M2000. I've started this aircraft several years hundreds of times, and something have chanced now. I can't get rid of DECOL-light and artificial horizon won't align... what I am missing now? I can't find help from youtube or DCS's training mission.
  4. Yes; that is the way I did it before. Now the cover closes at the same time I try to push the button, so the engine won't start.
  5. I have the same issue. I’m doin everything exactly the same way than before, so I’m sure I’m not doing anything wrong. I also tried startup training mission, but that was also no go…
  6. Vino


    Not sure is this a bug or user error, but I’m not able to start the m2k engines. The lever securing the startup button does not remain open than 1 second, and there is not enought time to press the button. I’m grateful for all tips. Thank you!
  7. I skip the refueling, spot two copters. They turn away after seeing me. Then I chase a bear bomber across the sea until my gas runs out. I have no idea what to do. Would you help me a bit? Thanks!
  8. Problem: I find the tanker but it won’t drop the fueling hose - I use the build in comms. Is there something I should know?
  9. Thank you for tips! I would love to read a book written by a mirage pilot…
  10. Might be a stupid question, but in mission 2 my home plate is SP0, and can not be edited. So I can not run the aligment process. Am I missing something?
  11. Is there a markpoint tutorial somewhere? Tried to search youtube…
  12. I do not know am I the only one having troubles with Jester. I see bandit on my radar screen. I tell J to take a lock, but he just tell me ”no can do”. Time after time. So I’m just using sidewinders, ’cause Phoenix is now unusable…
  13. I think this is supposed to be in HeatBlurs page, but I took couple of shots. Is there something wrong with my switchology?
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