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  1. Ah balls so this is some way off still?
  2. Presumably I'm being stupid here and missing something? Is the targetting pod on that list just called something else?really wish it had a tgp and could laser designate its own targets.
  3. anyone elses AMPCD export not working since todays update?
  4. It will have no doubt already been said millions of times however DCS needs a dynamic campaign. In terms of priority id say they need to scrap whatever they are doing and start working on one now basically. BlueFlag etc is all well and good but this needs to be a single player/coop feature in built within the sim. We need something where your just a cog in a whole machine and your part of a war that is happening rather than part of some scripted single mission.
  5. It's the actual switches etc that I mean.
  6. Hey guys I've been getting cracking with my f18 cockpit however I'm really struggling to find anyone or any companies that can make me button panels for it. I'm not great with that kind of stuff so I'm hoping to be able to pay someone to make them for me. I'd love to source a UFC panel and left/right cockpit panels too.
  7. Hey, im looking for a F18 squadron european based. Ideally someone that does a bit of PVP and does some campaigns and stuff together. Im okay with mission editor, very good at making liveries and anything graphical and im keen to help out with that stuff regardless of where i go.
  8. Thanks to everyone who has supported my channel since i restarted my dcs world news series. Have a great christmas and new year.
  9. and a cinematic video of a mission we flew last week :)
  10. Short cinematic from a mission we ran at 504 vfs. Enjoy
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