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  1. Darn.... feel the fool. That was it! Thanks. :)
  2. Did this mission break for anyone else after the latest Patch. Me and buddy can't get it working as a headless server run mission. When we connect as clients it never starts. Was working fine yesterday. But today no joy and when we deleted the saved state file and restarted/rebooted with a fresh run of the mission it just wouldn't work at all. Started wondering if the latest patch broke moose or something.
  3. Guys it appears PhoenixBvo hasn't posted since June of 2018.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shader I just got done reading it. Phew...
  5. The attention to detail on the bomb racks. With MK-82's on the F18, F16 you look out over your wing and you can see the arming wire to the fuze. Holy-wow! I did a double take in VR the first time I saw that. Forgot where I was going and just stared at it for awhile.
  6. Or allow people to add voices to the pack. ;)
  7. Is there any mention of AWACS, ABCCC, and JSTARS coming at some later date after Airfields? Just curious.
  8. Nice video... you just put the code after the = sign. (i.e. DpzdmLY59i4) in the Youtube brackets.
  9. While I can understand the sentiment. This is not realistic. The doors do not stay open if they don't make sales. Without infusions of cash its layoff time, shut the doors and thanks for all the fish. Repeatedly in reddit/youtube now, they have said they have put 50% (60+) of the developers onto core systems. Its getting done... its just not visible to us (but one of the BIG complaints just got a refresh (AI) and is still being improved.) Plus rewriting/refactoring the code base in 4 million lines of code on an active system and making sure other systems are not impacted is not to be taken lightly. I'm sure at times if feels like your searching for a corner in a round room. Maybe they need to put a status board up to show progress on the core elements of the game they're working on. Then we could see the sad fact that sometimes something they do breaks something else or they take 2 steps forward 1 step back. Or just don't seem to make progress on something for a while because of integration, complexity, yada yada yada. Though with the amount of angry complaints that people make I can see why they might really be shy/nervous to do such a thing. Especially because in a way people will try to drive ED's development into their favorite part of the game they want fixed/implemented. Which would be counter productive to what they see as essential to bring the whole together.
  10. You need to be in Open Beta to get the F16C at the moment.
  11. Always check this thread for news. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189137 Someone is always asking for status. Sometimes a bunch of people are asking for status. So I recommend reading back a couple page.
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251390
  13. I've also had this happen and wondered what it was and couldn't find it in the manual.
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