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  1. I remember seeing a Demo of a mobile TILS in game and working a long, long time ago and do wonder why this never made it in game?
  2. What would be the advantage over the C-130?
  3. Might be related to this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=202752 I have yet to try locking on to moving targets, so this is the best I can offer :)
  4. A 25% PK seems plenty high in my opinion. I´d be happy if RAZBAM would settle for 10-15%. Thus I´d say the Sidearm is still too effective/ accurate.
  5. Have a look here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=203643
  6. Nice one! Ofc even more immersive and believable would have been to include some proper liveries ...
  7. With the NATOPS FM readily available we have the ultimate manual already at hand; the Pocket Guide supplementing it where needed. What more can one ask for? IMO ofc.
  8. Did the Marines get a discount because McDonnell Douglas sold them the N/A already?
  9. Viper39, have you considered talking to ED about this amd make it an Add-On like that GPS Navigation thingie? I would for sure pay for this - if supporting the Harrier.
  10. In the ME you can select the clock to show either Zulu or Local time. Default is Zulu, so this might be why?
  11. Thanks for the quick answer, but that´s not working. Typing 047 adds me the 47 to the Bu.No, but only 40 everywhere else :noexpression:
  12. How did you get the 74 displayed? I only get 70 if i try that.
  13. Heatblur used Google Drive for the Viggen kit, some well over 1GB in size. Did work well as far as i can tell.
  14. Now that is some good news here! Hopefully we´ll be also able to Refuel/ Rearm outside Airfields.
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