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  1. I did quite a bit of testing with my 5k+ and the eye tracking / Foveated rendering in DCS when I first got the eye tracking working. On my rig at the time (which was heavily CPU bound) it made no difference. You can test this without the eye tracking by running a benchmark mission (the Su25 benchmark mission in User Files on this website is excellent for this) with the headset stationary. The FPS between FFR on and Off were negligable. @Avalanche110 I'd be interested to see what improvement you get with Terrain Object Shadows at flat. That makes a big difference for me. In any case, I'll have a look at lower PD and higher Steam SS and see what I get. Thx for the analysis. [update] I spent the morning playing around and ended up changing from PD of 1.0 and steamvr per app SS of something like 60% to PD 0.7, SteamVR Res 100%, Per App SS 300%. Running the headset at 110Hz, gives around 60+ FPS in most tested scenarios, so with motion smoothing on to lock FPS at 55, it's pretty nice.
  2. Is there any chance you could put the fusion files up somewhere? I'm having trouble printing some parts and would like to tweak a few holes etc. Great work BTW!
  3. Per game settings only works for games that you can run from the pitool games tab. I cant get DCS to run properly from this tab as it fails the licence check of older modules (A10C, KA50 etc) Anyone have a fix?
  4. Order #1316 here, Has this shipped? Order page says "We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status." rgds
  5. Quick public service announcement, when running this mod for the first time on a map, try this to keep track of whats going on and see that it hasnt hung. 1. open a powershell window 2. paste: Get-Content "C:\Users\<YOUR ACCOUNT NAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\dcs.log" -wait -tail 30 (substitute in your account name and amend the DCS folder as well if you have to) This will give you an updating view of the game log file and you see the metashaders being recompiled.
  6. How about using something like http://uwyn.com/gamewave/ or other leap motion mouse emulators for mouse control and using DCS's built in mouse pointer for the switch location problem.
  7. fixed link for the vive tracker https://www.hackster.io/hivetracker/hivetracker-3aaa24?utm_source=Hackster.io+newsletter&utm_campaign=bed3e0c01d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_26_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6ff81e3e5b-bed3e0c01d-140463197&mc_cid=bed3e0c01d&mc_eid=7b0c3bd87a
  8. Gents, come and join us on over at the AEF (forums here) The servers are normally populated most nights. Drop on and say hi, we don't bite.
  9. the A-10C NTTR Red Flag DLC suffers from this bug as well in 2.1
  10. Mission 1 and 2 seems broken in the 2.1 update. These are the only 2 I've attempted since the update. Both suffer from the "AI will not follow set speeds" bug, with the AI slowing to min speed. Mission 2, the sightseeing mission, the AI crashes into the hills near bald mountain after descending to 6000'. This is after I spent an hour doing orbits around him as he was transiting up there at minimum speed. He cant seem to get to 12,000' either. Now the ground textures are fixed in NTTR, I would love to run through this campaign. Thx
  11. I had this issue with a black TAD on NTTR, I backed up my controls and deleted the C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha folder and let it rebuild it, the maps came back. I'm pretty sure that ED suggest this after each update, but I've only had to do it this time. Good luck
  12. [edit] I just noticed the date of your post. Probably not SteamVRs fault then :)[/edit] SteamVR beta has changed the way they do supersampling. I noticed the engine instruments on the A-10 were a lot fuzzier, as well as the general cockpit switches. I just spent a bit of time trying different combinations of in-game pixel density, AA and SteamVR Supersampling. I ended up running the in-game pixel density at 1.0, AA off, SteamVR supersampling around 1.8-1.9 and that seems to give me decent frames (Instant action missions as a test) with readability. (i5-6600 and 1070, Vive)
  13. Okay, I've been having a go at editing this. I still have no real idea what Color_Blending_k means, and what values it accepts, I've tried 0-1, 1-10 and I cant work it out. Anyway, here is my Labels.lua I've got it so that the labels for ground units are pretty subtle, and they disappear when you get within visual range, they are also hidden when more than 35k away. https://gist.github.com/Steveveepee/de6c4543841d5a82c3cc588a763f483e
  14. [5000] = {"}%.","LeftBottom",1, 1}, becomes [5000] = {"}%.","LeftBottom",1, 0.1}, where 0.1 is the opacity you want at that distance
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