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  1. Thanks a lot Ian.. :) It works now and with your tip I can expand the app for other models as well. If you are in Munich once, wir müssen ein mal groß Bier trinken. ;)
  2. The Export.lua: local log_file = nil local HOST_PORT = 14801 -- Choose your desire port where DCS is running local ANDROID_PORT = 14800 -- Choose your desire port for android device local HEAD_MSG = "THRDCS" local count=0 local msgOut ="" local clientIP="" local speed ="" local thr = 30; local engineNow = thr; local prevLuaExportStart = LuaExportStart function LuaExportStart() if prevLuaExportStart then prevLuaExportStart() end log_file = io.open(lfs.writedir().."/Logs/Export.log", "w") package.path = package.path..";"..lfs.currentdir().."/LuaSocket/?.lua" package.cpath = package.cpath..";"..lfs.currentdir().."/LuaSocket/?.dll" socket = require("socket") c = socket.udp() c:setsockname("*", HOST_PORT) c:setoption('broadcast', true) c:settimeout(0) end function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame() data, ip, port = c:receivefrom() if data then --log_file:write("---------------------------------------------------\n") --log_file:write("Received: ", data) --log_file:write("\n") clientIP = ip local dataArray = string.gmatch(data, '([^,]+)') if dataArray(0)==HEAD_MSG then thr = dataArray(1) --log_file:write("thr: ", thr) --log_file:write("\n") gear = dataArray(2) flaps = dataArray(3) brakeOff = dataArray(4) brakeOn = dataArray(5) if brakeOn == "1" then --log_file:write("brakeOn: ") --log_file:write("\n") LoSetCommand(577) end if brakeOff == "1" then --log_file:write("brakeOff: ") --log_file:write("\n") LoSetCommand(578) end if brakeOn == "0" and brakeOff == "0" then LoSetCommand(579) end setGear(gear) setFlaps(flaps) end checkBalance(thr,engineNow) end end function LuaExportAfterNextFrame() local MainPanel = GetDevice(0) local engine_thr_left_now = MainPanel:get_argument_value(8) * 100 local engine_thr_right_now = MainPanel:get_argument_value(9) * 100 engineNow = math.floor((engine_thr_left_now + engine_thr_right_now) / 2) --log_file:write("engines: ", engineNow) --log_file:write("\n") gearNow = math.floor(MainPanel:get_argument_value(716)) --log_file:write("gearNow: ", gearNow) --log_file:write("\n") flapsNow = math.floor(MainPanel:get_argument_value(653)*100) --log_file:write("flapsNow: ", flapsNow) --log_file:write("\n") speed = math.floor(MainPanel:get_argument_value(48)*100) -- Currently not is use --log_file:write("Speed: ", speed) --log_file:write("\n") msgOut = HEAD_MSG..","..engineNow..","..gearNow..","..flapsNow.." \n" c:sendto(msgOut, clientIP, ANDROID_PORT) log_file:write("MSG: ", msgOut) --log_file:write("\n") --log_file:write("IP: ", clientIP..":",ANDROID_PORT) --log_file:write("\n") end function checkBalance(remote,current) remote = tonumber(remote) current = tonumber(current) if math.abs( remote - current) < 2 then LoSetCommand(1034) -- stop return 0 end if remote < current then LoSetCommand(1033) -- decrease thrust elseif remote > current then LoSetCommand(1032) -- increase thrust end end function setGear(GearDown) if GearDown == "1" then LoSetCommand(431) else LoSetCommand(430) end end function setFlaps(flps) if flps == "0" then LoSetCommand(1047) elseif flps == "10" then LoSetCommand(1048) elseif flps == "20" then LoSetCommand(1049) end end function LuaExportStop() if log_file then log_file:write("Closing log file...") log_file:close() log_file = nil end --c:close end function LuaExportActivityNextEvent(t) local tNext = t tNext = tNext + 0.1 return tNext end
  3. I have troubles to use the export.lua file in multiplayer mode. This export.lua is to use the Android DCS Throttle Control I made. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=145074 If I play standalone or if I am host in multiplayer, it works great. please, Someone can help me?? The error: 00080.721 ERROR Lua::Config: Call error LuaExportAfterNextFrame:[string "C:\Users\huertix\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua"]:91: attempt to index local 'MainPanel' (a number value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "C:\Users\huertix\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua"]:91: in function <[string "C:\Users\huertix\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua"]:88>.
  4. I have troubles to use the export.lua file in multiplayer. If I play standalone or if I am host in multiplayer, it works great. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=145803
  5. Sorry majapahit, I was away for a few days.... The guideline is as follow: 1- Copy de export.lua to your /Users/[...]/Saved Games/DCS/Scripts 2 - You need to know your DCS HOST IP, I mean your PC IP --> open a terminal and ipconfing command. 3 - Open the export.lua file and check the PORTS configurations or modify if dessire. 4 - Open the DCS-THROTTLE App and setting up DCS PC IP and ports. You shoud fill in the 3 fields before you can continue 5 - Run a mission 6 - if mission is running and app says "disconnect", press home and then back to the app... (it is a bug I have to fix). Now it should be work. Try to press flaps, gear or break bottons to make sure nothing is working. My email is dhuerta23@gmail.com. contact me if you need. ;)
  6. My pleasure.. ;) but, just to remark I am not an expert in code.
  7. that is true f4lO. but first I have to look how export CDU screen through UDP connection..
  8. Hola. Si a alguno os interesa, he desarrollado una app para controlar gases: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=145074 Saludos.
  9. If someone is interested in: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=145074
  10. Hi. I've bought just the stick from TH Hotas Warthog and now it is so expensive to buy the throttle control. I've decide to develop an Android App to control: - Throttle - Gear - Flaps - Air Brake This version is just for A10C, but I will try to develop for most of the mods. Here is PlayStore Link and Github Code. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dev.huertix.throttle_dcs_beta https://github.com/Huertix/dcs-throttle Thanks to Leonpo and his Instrument Panel App, which it was an starting point in my code. It is a first release app, so if bugs are present, please repot it to me. Thanks and enjoy.
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