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  1. We were a division of hornets, the rest filled up just fine time to time I heard their chatter through the radio Could it be some desynchronization issue?
  2. Evening, A few days ago I have a reoccurring issue with the radios in MP training missions. Correct preset selected, correct radio menu button used, and when I try to select tanker for refueling, I cannot hear any radio chat from the tanker and all sudden the radio change from preset 10 to M. Other clients have no issue, other worrying that I can hear others communication with tanker. Does anyone experienced similar? Where to start the debug? TA.
  3. Hi, If you still looking for a group, check out http://www.11tsg.com. We have 2 active SQD (2 SQD - Naval and 3 SQD - Air Force)
  4. Hello Bud Check out 11TSG - We are mainly flying (own made) campaign sorties. http://www.11tsg.com
  5. Hi, if you interested in story driven campaigns and RL procedure based trainings check out 11 TSG. http://www.11tsg.com
  6. If you guys willing to learn and invest time and effort to a great group check out out 11TSG www.11tsg.com
  7. If you still searching check out 11TSG www.11tsg.com
  8. www.11tsg.com - Recruitment open
  9. Imgur Gallery Got here with my own huey design. If someone can pass me some IRL photos/plans/measurements I am more than happy to jump in this subject! Thanks, Acel
  10. Is there any photos or documentation available from the collective? I want to design and build one for myself.
  11. I'll pop the track file here once I got home, but I need to check the WP elevation. Might left 2000ft by default. Can't remember.
  12. Afternoon guys, In our last sortie we have experienced the following weird behaviour for the JSOW. Our waypoints placed on targets (buildings) and we selected the WP, than WP designate, Ring appear and released once we get in range. They flown a nice path all the way in the target area than suddenly just before the impact the turned right 90 degree and missed the target with a mile at least. Is it a know issue or just local? Thanks. Acel
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