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  1. I am in the same boat as you with no idea on what to do. 1.5.6 is ok with very minor issues here and there. NTTR is not good and has never got any better from day one. But all said and done I still love the Sim. My only worry is when they bring the two together into one and it may or may not work. Make a copy of what works for you now, put it away and should the World of DCS fall upon your head you can get the old copy, dig your way out and carry on playing.
  2. I have the same problem. First picked it up in NTTR, now has come over to 1.5.6. I use a Logitech 3D Pro FFB
  3. Well I don't deserve it more than anybody else,but I would love to replace my home made wooden pedals,control box and other accessories. I am a pensioner and do not have the funds to buy this lovely prize
  4. harm thanks for the file it works great. Is it possible to make one for the Take Off. Thanks.
  5. Yep, got mine as soon as I saw it was available. Now to get Normandy.
  6. I guys, I have no idea about the subject you have been discussing in this and the locked thread. What I do know as fact is I have a mid to low end PC which I open most evenings and fly the Hawk and other modules (A10 F15 Huey L39) in both 1.5.3 Beta and NTTR Alpha.I use the Hawk most often as I love that aircraft. To cut to the chase I have no stuttering, twinkles on my joystick,key commands not working,long load times or any other issues as discussed. The Texture Bug problem was a very interesting topic to read,But lets put it to rest.VEAO say they will look into the matter, and an invitation to make a mod has gone out. In my opinion there is nothing bad about the Hawk or any of DCS products. I think some Guys must look at optimizing their Equipment
  7. The Hawk is a good trainer, and very easy to fly.In DCS 1.5 it has no major game issues bar a few small bugs. DCS 2 was very bad when it first came out and still has some major issues. Add the Hawk with its bugs, well you have a disaster. Buy the Hawk and use it in DCS 1.5 you will love it. Give all the guys at DCS and VEAO a chance to do their thing . They will fix everything in time.
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