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  1. I've never seen a beta version for sim shaker aviator, nor have i ever seen an update available or automatic update occur for this software...ive always had to uninstall and reinstall newest version from website.
  2. Would you prefer a patch style logo instead?
  3. attached, believe the "small" file should work?
  4. Looks like our logo got confused for a diff teams? PANSQ JAPAN? I can also clip our logo to fit better with everyone else's on the webpage
  5. attached to registration post
  6. Resubmitting / adjusting previous entry from before deadline League:Gold Squadron name: Speed and Angels Discord: https://discord.gg/CMXKP5k Contact: PointBlank Aircraft selection: J11, F18, F15, F14 Pilot roster: PointBlank -8 Ninja -5 Amnwrx -8 Wolverine -4 Stewj -5 CajunPilot -5 STRIKER -5 Greenhead -6 Low Blow +0 Wings (1).psd
  7. is it possible for S&A to reg two teams in gold league?
  8. Any support for forcefeel in near future?
  9. Oh boy...this poll worries me...maybe ED should just tell us where there at with each item...
  10. Callsign: PointBlank Nationality: USA Squadron: None Location: San Francisco, CA DCS Branch: OpenBeta
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