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  1. DCS-Update Issue - slow or No update Running win 7 sp1 and quite a heafty PC with enough CPU and memory(need more for X-Plane). I did the update the normal way by click to play, forced update using the dcs_updater.exe update cmd and even tried a repair even (see paragraph below). The initial downlaod is quite fast and for one or other reason it slows to a trickle and eventually stops - was over a weekend. Trying to kill the dcs_updater.exe process tree (the one which hogs the most memory) does not shut down; I cannot kill the process trying every tool I know off. The only way to kill this was to restart the PC. I have cleaned my PC with CC, checked for odd services running, shut down the firewall, stopped MWB and so on, to no avail. I even cleaned out the .torrent folder and tried for the upteenth time. Trying the repair command, I got this answer: Version is not available ???? Now what NOW? Attached is the log file if someone wants to have a look. And there is nothing wrong with my interbet connection - I did some other downloads to test and all looks fine. Is there perhaps another place where we can maon and groan about this issue. Tx autoupdate_log.txt
  2. Hi Vlerkies, I'm from the better side of SA, West coast. I have an issue with broken wire but will be able to fix it - in fact relace it. My problem is the brandy and mallet method to get the footrest off the pedal - will not work for me - I may lose my temper. Can you tell me more - or rather inbox me on FB me Pierre Cornelissen. Tx
  3. I do not want to redo your sketches, but add the joy button value in the empty spaces. This will help for a lot of games where you need to figure out what the joy button to map it in the game. I have done it with a PDF editor, but since it is your idea, I feel it needs to come from you. Good initiative and cheers.
  4. Map not in Module Manager 27th today and the map is not available yet for download. It has been paid: Order #402540 of 10-03-2017. Any know issues I can have a look at. Version 2 has been updated 3 days ago.
  5. DCS 1.5 Crash on mission Hi, flying the A-10C I also get ransom crashes during a mission, and somehow I feel it has to do something with the smoke. I dropped a CBU-97 onto a group of tanks with one already burning to view the bomblets falling from the sky, viewing partially through the smoke though, and DCS stopped working the moment the smoke covered about 70% of the screen. The previous crashes was also more or less the same scenario. I must also mention my system is set to the MAX except for non-essentials such as birds. One other thing, I also get a Shockwave Flash error during the games. I just continue and not close the flash. Once I close, the TGP goes haywire (running in circles), I have to switch to MAV or CDU to stop this madness. This is not a crisis right now, I am still in My Weapons training missions My OS is x64 Win7 SP1.
  6. I have deactivated and uninstalled all my campaigns and install and activated again after a PC restart and that seemed to work. I do not see or find any logic begin it, but I am happy now. Thanks for the support ideas.
  7. That is correct - I have bought all my mods and campaigns through DCS and installed via the DCS manager. My PC had a simple change; I re-slotted my graphics card to the first PCI slot - it had no effect on any of the other mods. I have tried to deactivate and re-activate via star-force to no avail. I still need to know more about the dgix.dll... and sweetfx
  8. I have purchased a while back some campaigns and activated them with the Module Manager, but when opening the campaigns it shows Inactive and still do - I cannot get them activated. The only campaign that activated was Basic Flight Training for the A-10C. Any support would be appreciated. Save
  9. Thanks, have not seen your post. It's a bummer...
  10. The links are broken. Is there some code that I can do it myself. Thanks
  11. The link is broken. Please repost. TX
  12. Many thanks, I have missed the part it is the videos.... which I already have downloaded. Just got a bit confused in the forum, about updates etc.
  13. I have purchased a bunch of DCS modules including FC3. When trying to use FC3, it starts with an install and it takes forever. Is there a way to download the update file/video and install it separately. On the dialogue box it says: Downloading FC3_video_EN... and the size of the file is 33394.1MBytes...
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