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  1. I have both: home made Monstertech style mounts and Wheel Stand Pro and prefer the former. Wheel Stand Pro is a bit too heavy and cumbersome to move from under the desk. It would work fine in a pit, but I'm using my desk for sims as well as for work. But with mounts it takes me literary 15 sec to remove them from the desk and hide them in a cupboard.
  2. Nice! Are they fully working?
  3. Hi Jester, I'm sorry for late reply but I was away for few days. If you don't mind tinkering the Ender is fine. Calibrated properly is capable of really good prints, especially considering its price. I have chosen PRO version two reasons: Meanwell PSU (feels a bit safer then no-name one) and flexible magnetic PEI bed. This thing is brilliant, just clean it with isopropyl alcohol every few prints and absolutely no problems with prints sticking to it, no need for glues, hair sprays, painters tapes etc. The best filament I have used is AMZ3D from Amazon, but bear in mind I haven't tried many so far, surely there are better ones.
  4. You can now download them from thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3641494
  5. They are the same dimensions as TM so they are fine as direct replacement, plus they also can be pushed, making them 3- and 5- way switches. I have Ender 3 Pro, which is quite good considering its price, it can make some good prints especially if it's properly calibrated. Mine still has some issues I'm struggling to eliminate, a bit of elephant foot, overextrusion or underextrusion depending on filament used, etc but those are minor really.
  6. Another thing I'm working on right now:
  7. Could you explain it a bit more? With pictures if possible?
  8. And now live on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3625918
  9. I have added knurling to the nut and made 7.5 and 10 cm versions. Uploaded them to Thingiverse but I need to wait 24h before I can publish it.
  10. Anybody wants STL for such an extension? This one is 50mm but it's not a problem to make different lenghts:
  11. Hi Ickx, I'm sorry but I missed your post. This is how I did dual trigger on my X-55:
  12. You are correct, but zooming out creates this 'fish eye' distortion that is mainly visible at the sides. I have tried to zoom out on my current monitor to what I would expected to be on ultra wide and I can see distortions, although not that much. So it could be a valid practice. I don't know which monitor is better, some people prefer UW, others 4k and so far I haven't seen any direct comparison between two with DCS.
  13. I'm also trying to decide between ultrawide and 4k. Look at post #4, the screenshots nicely explain FoV differences. http://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?5011-21-9-vs-16-9-Monitors You can always zoom out and with 4k don't loose clarity, but more you do this the more unnatural it looks (fisheye effect). At the moment I'm leaning towards ultrawide, bigger FoV, less pixels to push, works nicely with other games and type of office work I do.
  14. We often see popular joysticks in movies etc. but this one apparently is a mock up from a real jet: :lol: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FA-50_Throttle_and_Stick.jpg
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