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  1. Drooling Drooling Drooling some more. Are you sure you ain t wasting your work with Occulus rift? How will you see the switches MFD and ect with the stuff in front of your eyes? (my impression) I think a set of monitors/TV with track ir or similar could be much more enjoyable and not waste your work. Now a question, i Se that you have many instruments that aren t a monitor ... RWR, artificial horizont, fuel gauge ect what are those, or which brand are they operational, i mean will they behave as they should or are they dummies?
  2. Well , as it ll never come to Brazil i m just waiting for online download. Ny russian is zero, so i ll wait for the western edition to download. Some people already downloaded it with torrent but are having no fun, they are fighting the game not learning it.
  3. Impressive, you got an unique style... It beats 10/4 the "oficial" teaser.
  4. Thinking of it this sentence would do awesomely in a T shirt.... >praying this is worth it< At least along with mine: Save the world! Kill yourself. Changing subject, a pity yhose ebay left collectives aren t shipped to Brazil, well i need some 6degree of freedom before that. And before that to finish my bike customization, and before that... <sight>
  5. Unfortunatly, piracy cannot be won. Hacker and such make a point of honor to be able to said they are the first to break a code. Willing or not any program will become availiable by torrent or any b2b comunity sooner or later. The hurts are the company and the legit customers. There s not much to do about it. If program are re-engeneered each time their security are broken, they will never be launched. 90% of the people who acquire the product via torrent wouldn t buy the product anyway. Now if theis was a source code leak its another game.
  6. Well it really began with commodore 64 Fly Solo... Then Comodore 64 F15 Then Comodore 64 F14 Then PC f14 Fleet defender.... I did not give much attention to Flanker 1.5, but i didcome back With LOCK on 1 Oldest box i have ??? DID ef2000V2.0 or maybe F14 Fleet defender from Microprose, i just moved on, have to check.
  7. It s a quick reboot button in case of failures. wait 3 buttons ? CTRL ALT DELETE
  8. If you have RCS from thrustmaster you got probably the best you can get under 200 USD. If they act funky, get spikes or whatever: http://www.cubpilotshangar.net/ on them And be an happy men.(or women)
  9. No dinamyc campaign.. ho my!!! I thought DCS mean Dynimic Campaign Sumum.... Just kidding guys.... Althought i agree totally that hundred of planes is unrealistic, i would welcome a dynamic campaign in the sense that we are just pilots doing a job in a larger theatre where the front line ebb independent of our actions, or because of our actions. What i really welcome in dynamic is the randomeness of the missions. Even if sometimes the odds are absurds... War was never meant to be just anyway.
  10. Simce blackshark will never come to Brazil and i ll have to download it, as long there s a PDF Manual that i can print its OK. The only exeption would be a really beautifull "SE" manual that we could buy away from the game. I dont want to pay 100% taxes on game+ fret.
  11. No anti piracy system is worth its money. Actually 90% of the APP (Anti Piracy Programs) are broken in less than 24H after launch. The rest less than 2 weeks. And their protected is on the net for free. Internet connection and security applications like steam are useless, as pro pirates use a logger to know who say what to whom, and then just replicate the expected answers. Then compile and send to internet. All someone need to do is to shearch the right places. (Which i wouldn t dare go, for the sake of my PC, Much cheaper to buy then have the risk to have its bank account emptyed, his HD formatted or whatever) A version of Lomac SFless was on the net less than 12H after release. The best anti piracy Atitude you can have are : 1rst above all : A good game, that people will be willing to play. 2) Worldwide launch - If unable, downloadable worldwide at max 1 week from launch. 3) Paper manual, no e-manuals, if possible. 4) A cheap APP, just to scare off casual pirates. (Most population) BS has a lot of characteristic that will made it hardly attractive to pirate : - Its a flight simulator - Complex, very few people want complex games. When i showed my printed verfion of FC i just brought from copy bureau. People at my work where totally disgusted and labelled me as freak weirdo. All they want is drive a car and press 5 buttons (forward , backward, left, right, shoot) Thats why FPS are so populars, and always more of the same. So if ED prefer to invest money in polishing the game instead of wasting money in wanna be protection it seems pretty good to me.
  12. I m not sure a boat with counter rotatory propellers would be a good idea. But for a mixer...double beaten milkshake...
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