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  1. Good point. That is a bit more complicated, because it depends not only on the distance between the Jammer and the Sam, but also de target.... I ltry to explain later.
  2. If someone wants to change the pkill in defensive Jamming (this destroys the missile that is comming to the Jammer, based on layers) ------------------------------------------------------------ DISTANCES AND PROBABILITIES OF JAMM THE MISSILE FOR DEFENSIVE JAMMING REMOVALDIST1 CORRESPOND TO PKILL1, REMOVALDIST2 CORRESPOND TO PKILL2, ETC... local removalDist1 = 500 local removalDist2 = 1500 local removalDist3 = 3000 local removalDist4 = 5000 local removalDist5 = 7000 local pkill_1 =95 -------- PROBAILITY OF SUCCESFULL JAMMING REMOVALDIST1 CORRESPOND TO PKILL1, REMOVALDIST2 CORRESPOND TO PKILL2, ETC... local pkill_2 =65 local pkill_3 =50 local pkill_4 =30 local pkill_5 =15 What does this means? If the missile is 500 metres or closer ( you can see the code written "local removalDist1 = 500") the probability of succesfull jamming is 95% (local pkill_1 = 95). You can change the number to make better or worse jamming pods.
  3. Hello everyone. I have received some enquires to update the script. So far, I have heard also that it still works. I ll try to have a look at it because I have not flown lately very much. So, keep connected.
  4. I dont usually get into this nonsenses... but honestly A10Yoda... really???. Have you ever thought, that USAF is not the only Airforce out there??? and there are more than one way to do things out there? jeeeeesussss
  5. If you know how to script in lua, I can give you how I woudl do it. - Aircraft in carrier with late activation - Radio menu to activate a trigger. This trigger will do... 1. Aircraft activation. 2. Create and add a WP with your position at the present moment. 3. Start detecting if you are at the desired range. 4. once you are, make another to the opposite way. So, you would need to know how to add waypoints, get unit positions and some trigonometrics.
  6. I have the Rayzen 5 3600. Runs like a charm for the price.
  7. This is my thinking... But... I would expect a huge improvement in VR for the price, if not... Uhmmm dont worh it.
  8. Hello fellas. I am not much of a hardware wise person... I have a Rayzen 5 3600, 32RAM and a !080 GTX. I usually fly at 1.3 pixels, with 30-35 FPS. Graphic Serttings at medium/high.. Its fine, the only problem is when I am rolling the aircraft and watch to one side, there is a loss of FPS... i can live with that. Well, my question is, understanding that DCS only uses one core, RAM is fine, etc... Would be a big improve with a 3070 or 3080?? or meh... What do you recommend? stay frost and wait for software changes, or go for it? THanks!
  9. Well, you have a point. But, if you read Clashes for instance... The number of faulty sidewinders are really big. Take a F5 vs Mig21 combat in early 70s... How many sidewinders would just fail, not ligthen up, go balistic, fuze not working. Every single book about aerial combat tells stories about this. So...
  10. Dont you think, that the rreliability of the missiles are oustanding? They always work if shoot in patameters. The more I read, the more i see thisnis wrong... And even more if we talk about 60-70 or 80s warfare. Would you be interested in some tunning? Like... Youching the probability of manufacturing.failure?? Not difficult to emulate.
  11. I would love it... Although the Seaharrier is even better option (for me)
  12. No. Once planes RTB they cannot take of again. Solution.... Spawn or activate another one.
  13. By reading the log, the problem can be identified much easily without need to go to the SIM.... up to you and your will to be helped.
  14. You need scripting lua. look for clone.... https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2886790&postcount=6
  15. To my knowledge, it has never worked, because spawned units have different groupID. If you want to use triggers after deployment, you should work with Groups Name... i work this way and it works. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2396773&postcount=32
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