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  1. I just pre-ordered the F-14 on Steam, and it said, it would be available on 15. of February. I think that is just a stand in date, but you never know. :music_whistling:
  2. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: none Teamspeak/Discord: TS3/none Contact person: none Aircraft Selection: F-15/(F-18 ) Pilots: GER/USA Dr. Goose (based in GER) edit: I'm sorry I'll have to withdraw, I just noticed a scheduling collision. I'm really sorry, but real life has priority. I wish you all good luck and may the best win.
  3. It is showing Units of AOA (approx AOA +10) and an AOA of greater then 0° is expected in level flight.
  4. I could not agree any more, I mean anybody who has heard of the Lifting-Body-Theory and took one look at those huge Stabilators should know that that part of the Flight-model is absolutely plausible. It's like arguing with Flat-earthers or Anti-vaxxers, you can present one argument after the other, but they wont admit that there are wrong. So ED please shut this thread down, it's spreading nothing but BS, lies and is an eyesore to anyone who knows anything about aviation, aerodynamics and/or aerospace engineering. Yours sincerely Dr. Goose
  5. I only have one thing to say: DON'T F**K THIS UP! This is an incredible task, for the past 30+ years fans have dreamed of a Top Gun 2 movie, so expectations are high. I am afraid, that they are unattainably high. I really hope Top Gun 2 doesn't suck.
  6. Dear ED I would just like to further inform you of a problem I have been having. When I enter MP it take approx. 5min to load in the screen and once in the in the selection screen I have approx 0.25fps, so far nothing that hasn't been reported. But if I select an Aircraft and continue to "Briefing" and then "fly", I end up at my parking spot but my aircraft won't load and the fps continues to be at 0.25fps. The Task Manager shows DCS as "not responding" and at a ram usage of 11+GB (at times 13+GB (Commit at even 18+GB)). I do not encounter any issues in SP. To my PC: Win-10 Pro, i7-2600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, 500GB SSD, 1TBHDD I hope this report will help you further improve DCS and I am looking forward to these issues being eventually resolved, I understand, that you all are working hard to make DCS 2.5 the best game possible and I am very grateful. Note: DCS is a Steam installation
  7. Whoops, yeah F-5E:music_whistling: (Old habits are hard to break :music_whistling:)
  8. Dr. Goose Germany Lonewolf Red/Blue F-15C If there are still slots available
  9. Thank you , that worked :thumbup: Sorry for my noobieness, but computers and I are mortal enemies So that resolves the issue (you can delete the tread if you want to)
  10. Hey guys I've been having an issue in which I fail the integrity check, it says I failed because of my \Scripts\Database\Planes\F-15C.lua file, but I haven't done anything improper, I have only reinstalled JSGME but that doesn't contain a file that has that path. If anyone could help me out, that would be great :D
  11. Í escape most dogfights if I find myself in a non advantageous position (7 out of 10 times on the 104th :music_whistling:). If I am forced in to a dogfight I'll try to find a window in which the following items are checked: 1. The bandit must loose sight for a brief moment and anticipate my move 2. I can easily trade potential-energy for kinetic-energy 3. I have an egress option (aka a "safe exit route") -> a exit route should contain terrain masking if possible and be as close to the sun as practical (the sun is your friend, because it is a natural IR jammer*) If all of the items are fulfilled to my satisfaction/desperation I escape. I go balls to the wall, use his short loss of sight for a unexpected change of direction (-> he briefly losses me) and I will hopefully be behind some hill before he can spot me again. This usually works. *ETs are unable to track within 10-15° of the sun (I think) and R-73 5° (I think)
  12. That part is a part from a video (the 2012 or 2013 Raytheon award video) made by the 67th FS and the first release of this footage there are next to no incockpit sounds. That sound track was added later. Dr. Goose
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