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  1. Sooooo.... I see a mention of possibly adding working search lights. Can I now petition for an AI Lancaster bomber and either an Me 410 or late model Bf 110 nightfighter? Please? Pretty please??
  2. So it's pretty much just Calais and Dover? Otherwise there would certainly be overlap, as everything from Lydd and west is on the Normandy map.
  3. I'm curious to understand what the purpose of the new Channel Map is. As stated it feels like too much of an overlap of the Normandy map. Now if it has SE England coverage including London, with an intention of allowing for BoB once appropriate warbirds are built, I could be very excited. But otherwise, it just feels like this development effort could have gone towards a new arena, like Germany, or the Eastern Front. I'll look forward to hearing more about it as development progresses though.
  4. Msalama, what data are you asking for? In birdstrike's original post, he clearly specifies the conditions he is testing it in, and gives a data point, i.e. 0 knots lost in uncoordinated flight in those level flight conditions. I'm not saying that's wrong, but it certainly seems counterintuitive. Kwiatek added a link to his post which was expressing a similar concern. While there wasn't specific data in his, his experience as a pilot should count for something. Thus it seems that there is nothing wrong with them bringing their concerns to the forums for discussion. Perhaps if there is specific data that you think is necessary to make the case, you could let us know what that is, rather than a generic call for data that doesn't enlighten the conversation.
  5. Weta, my thoughts differ greatly from yours. In particular, I think you are ascribing motivations to your fellow sim pilots that aren't there. My thoughts are bolded in the quote above.
  6. Except that multiplayer would have a solution, dependent upon the decision of the server admin. That would make this option align with other options in the game such as labels, etc. So again, your arguments against implementing this would seemingly be addressed provided server admins have the option of disabling this server side. If there's any other reason not to implement it, you have failed to articulate that.
  7. Hi Europa. The plane is indeed tail heavy, and while it is more than manageable, it will never be a hands off plane. Even in cruise flight, the best you can expect is to require "minimal" input to maintain stable flight. As you are new to the plane, I am going to assume, however, that your concern with trim is related less to cruise flight, and more to the aircrafts behavior when rotating out of the takeoff roll. As I recall from when I was learning the plane, my initial attempts were, to put it mildly, a struggle. It was not uncommon for me to takeoff, immediately stall a wing, and either bury myself in the dirt, or at best make a very ugly and uncoordinated maneuver that allowed me to get airborne (sometimes after sustaining some landing gear damage from smacking it into the ground). Things I learned were: 1. I set trim to full nose down. I pull fully back on stick and slightly right stick it and give full right rudder before even starting my roll. 2. Do not takeoff under full power. I evolved to where I now start my roll around 1.2 ata, and once rolling I push that up to 1.35-1.4 ata. 3. Once she's rolling and I'm at 1.35-1.4 ata, my focus is almost entirely on managing the turn and bank needle. The sooner you counter any departure there, the easier it is to keep her straight. I'll also release the stick pull back once she's gaining speed and rudder authority. 4. Once up to speed, be ready on the stick. She will fly herself off the runway, and it this point I'm ready to manager her with some small stick pressure as necessary to keep her from any tendency to pitch up. 5. I find giving her a slight kick of forward stick to raise the tailwheel prior to takeoff allows her to gain more speed before rotating, which minimizes the stick effort needed as she goes airborne. There are a number of great videos online that I learned from when I was getting my hands around this plane, and I highly recommend them as they show procedures way better than I could manage to describe. Hope this helps.
  8. I have all four WWII planes, and I feel they are all well modeled (minus some DM bugs that should get addressed when the new DM is released). I think it comes down to how you want to fly. The Spit is a good TnB plane, but is the slowest of all four. The Dora is the best BnZ plane, has modern features (for a WWII plane) such as lead computing sight. The 109 is probably the most well rounded plane amongst them. Turns much better than the Dora, though not as well as the Spit, but has good power. If you're looking for a challenge I would recommend the Dora. It's a great plane but it's hard to master. It does have the most glaring DM problem, as it's not uncommon for a single shot to take out it's engine though. My personal favorite is the 109. It's trickier for takeoffs and landings, but not too hard to get used to. But in the sky its a joy to fly and fight with. The Spit is a good plane, but the lack of power can be off putting and it's a handful on the ground. I've spent the least time with it, though, so maybe someone who has plenty of time in it could offer a better opinion.
  9. Bf 110 G-4 with the FuG 212 radar. This would open up interesting nighttime bomber intercept opportunities (of course an AI Lancaster would be a nice bonus).
  10. In reading this thread, I think there's a lot of people jumping to incorrect conclusions. There are possible solutions to the OP's issue that have nothing to do with downgrading the game for those with high end systems. This is, rather, about the scalability of the hardware requirements. Most video games have a wide enough range of hardware that can acceptably run the game that users with high end machines enjoy awesome graphics, while users with older systems lose eye candy but still can enjoy the game play. Perhaps a solution where the number of trees per sq. mile gets reduced by the slider, but the render distance can still be set far away, would allow people with lower systems to avoid watching trees popping constantly and still get decent frame rates. Everyone should remember that the success of the game will be greater if it can cater to a broader customer base, not just those with relatively new systems.
  11. Control C to copy and Control V to paste.
  12. Glad it worked out. Now just pray it doesn't get broken in the next beta patch, lol. ;P
  13. Assuming I can figure out how to attach a pic....
  14. I have the same issue with the 109. Eventually my wingman will engage, but only after calling out every bandit first. When attacking a flight of 32 B-17s, I'm very tempted to shoot my wingman down just to shut him up.
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