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  1. Where can I find the source of Wags' statement?
  2. What Chizh giveth, Nineline taketh away! Haha!
  3. With ASW on I’m getting a solid 40 with PD 1.3 and MSAA at 4x.. I thought the rift was 45 but the S only needed 40/80?
  4. Just wondering, as it is in “core systems” on the planned payload post from Wags and not in phase one or two, does that mean we’ll have A/G radar on release?
  5. I tried it with a friend last night and it was a LOT better for both of us (1080 and 1080ti)
  6. I don't think I'll get a chance to print anything until next week but it looks awesome! I think the part I'm looking for is the "lever_taker"? There is a gcode file but not an .stl that I can load in Cura. Again, Awesome work man! VooDoo
  7. Hi mate, Awesome job! Just had a look at the files.. what's the part that connects the nozzle lever to the warthog throttle called? As soon as I go from 'looking' to 'printing' I'll send some beer/filament money your way! Cheers, Voodoo
  8. Uninstalled the Tomcat then re-installed it and it seems to be ok now?
  9. As above, DCS crashes every time I try to load into an aircraft. Logs attached (I think) dcs.log-20190314-165643.zip dcs.log-20190314-165330.zip dcs.log-20190314-165038.zip
  10. Oculus rift with a PD of 1.9 and I can barely read anything in the cockpits..
  11. I cannot for the life of me get this to open in Cura 3.6. It keeps telling me the model is too small to load. I'm very, very new at 3D printing so any help would be much appreciated..
  12. Any update regarding a fix for this and can anyone confirm that the Nadir is only functional for the co pilot at the moment?
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