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  1. Nah its working fine now. Gotta say the game itself is greately improved WW2 side. Appreciate a lot of the new missions to play, and the sounds and damgage model make it so much more harrowing and atmospheric to fly now. I always believed that once it ironed out the wrinkles it would be the best WW2 flight sim on the market because at the end of the day no other game can compete with the fidelty of the DCS aircrafts. Its not even close to be honest. Haven't checked the campaigns yet though...
  2. Sorry didn't check responses as I was bummed out for a while! Seems that the recent update has fixed the problem. Could still be a little better maybe but vastly better than it was which is a relief.
  3. Scratch that! Still getting stutters every so often.
  4. Hello guys! The reinstall didn't work. I tried MSFS and had the same problem then started looking for other causes rather than DCS. Turns out it was my new expensive gaming keyboard with all the LED's. I've disabled it for now and am typing this on a vastly inferior dell keyboard (you do notice the difference after using a better one). So that was it. Performance looks smooth and the game itself looks greately improved with many small details (air raid sirens, subtle spotting aids, etc) added so can't wait to give it a proper try when I get time. Be wary of fancy keyboards with VR if you have any problems! Shame about the keyboard though.
  5. I'm doing a full reinstall. I'll let you guys know when its done, and if not will look into the windows update loop thing. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  6. I don't think its a VR problem as I can see the stutters occuring in 2d mode as well and haven't really changed any settings from what I used to use. Not sure if it was a long repair but I used the update tool and did a repair with no positive gains. Might have to bite the bullet and reinstall!
  7. Benchmark came back clean with nothing out of the ordinary. It may be that DCS needs to be reinstalled after such a big update but I'd really rather not if I can help it as its such a slow process that may well do nothing....
  8. Yes deleted all that stuff and clouds on low. Wondering if it may be my system as I seem to rememeber the game Rage lagging when it never had before though it was in 4K so was hard to determine if it was a problem or just an especially taxing part of the game. Running a benchmark now to see if things are working okay. It is the game itself (DCS) that is lagging I can see it both in VR and 2D so.. Didn't try that (airfield strike) particular mission before the update but others seem to be doing poorly too.
  9. No I'm on the index so none of that applies to me unfortunately.
  10. Hey never used to have this problem since the recent update (tried stable and am now on beta). I loaded up the instant action spitfire mission and its lagging something terrible with fairly moderate settings. Just wondering if this is common on a system like mine. I'm thinking its maybe too much flak or something else? Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 1080Ti, 32 GB RAM, Win 10
  11. I hate track IR as well. Might consider trying 2D again if there was a better solution. I never even liked it much before VR it was just better than not having it. With the Vive tracking system though would it not be a simple matter to construct some sort of alternative (using a baseball cap maybe) tracking device using the VIVE's basestations?
  12. DCS has never run better than it does for me right now on the index. I was flying over Vegas yesterday and just marveling at how much the performance has improved since I started on VR about 4 years ago. MSFS is working great too now, but VR really does require a lot of tweaking. MSFS was an abomination when I first loaded it up! I kinda get the feeling as well that the people who have performance issues with DCS tend to be those who are watching their fps counters all the time and comparing these numbers to other games.
  13. I have 11. Last time I checked it was pretty grim!
  14. To be fair, while not perfect, combined with innovations on the steam VR side of things, I think DCS has come on massively since I started with VR about 4 years ago. For me now I have a relatively smooth experience, even in WW2 campaign missions, with none of the horrible frame drops which would send me to VR loading screens or horizon-al (new word!) stutters whenever I rolled/looped. It just feels smooth now. The new damage model is also incredible in VR. I mean I'm no expert on these things but are you sure, other than a major overhaul (Vulkan etc) of the engine itself, there is even much headroom for further optimization's? I never know when people call for these optimization's, if it is because they know optimization's are actually possible or if it's just a mixture of frustration and wishful thinking on their part, without their having any real knowledge or understanding of the practicalities involved? Not that I know either way myself, but I'd be interested to know what form these optimization's would take if they are indeed possible. Normandy for example is fantastic (channel defo needs work) now performance wise as it lacks speed trees etc., (I think?) but I'm not sure about the other maps! Normandy might even be one of the best maps in terms of performance which is ironic for anyone who's been flying on it for as long as I have!
  15. I only play in SP and I know that AI is being improved but the A8 is a death trap no matter which allied planes I try to take on. I could drop down from out of space (at least the last time I checked, maybe it's been improved now?) and attempt a boom and zoom on an I-16 and they would still catch me. I know AI is a complicated thing but surely this can be altered somehow as there is just no way those planes should be catching something with about 10 times their energy! It effectively makes flying the Anton SP not an option for me because unless I get them on my first run I'm toast. The 109 however works okay for boom and zoom in SP but the 2 FW's...
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