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  1. This APP has really come on, I mind looking at it some time back and held back as I was using WPeditor, but now having ran the latest version it is great! Just a few word to say thanks Comrade Doge, your work and generosity in sharing is very much appreciated. It is complete 'as is' thanks but from a SQUAD perspective IF you ever get bored (I know, being cheeky) a simple text coordinate export of WPs selected together with an Import function would allow WP / TGT planning by one person to be shared and used by the complete flight. Time I know is valuable so I understand if this is placed in the 'BIN' tray... Thanks again mate....
  2. No, I use Streamdeck. But I have used 2 keyboards before. For bluetooth I would link that to the PC which in fact would give you 2 keyboards...either should work. Mount the bluetooth where you want it in your pit for left hand use if wanting realism. Personally I would consider this method for whatever keyboard... In DCS apache controls set up a SWITCH MODIFIER for the keyboard and assign an unused character.... '7' springs to mind, it is unused and think 'lucky 7' LOL. Now go to your KU assignments and lets take 'A' as an example. Delete the default keyboard assignment and insert 'A' with modifier '7'. Do the rest B, C etc remembering the modifier '7' when you do. In flight / cockpit, to enter data into KU hit '7' once to engage your keyboard modifier switch. Now enter your data using the new assigned keys. When done hit '7' once more to turn the modifier switch to off or inactive.... Your keyboard is now as normal and not using the A, B, C etc for KU etc.... Might sound complicated but it is not really if used to DCS.... THIS METHOD OF KU DATA ENTRY SHOULD WORK FINE ON YOUR NORMAL KEYBOARD AND THE ONLY REASON I WOULD USE A BLUETOOTH ONE IS IF BUILDING SOME SORT OF REALISTIC PIT AND WANTED A SMALLER UNIT.... Hope this helps
  3. Small bluetooth QWERTY keyboard SHOULD work just fine for little money. i.e. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TeckNet-Bluetooth-Ultra-Slim-Li-polymer-Rechargeable/dp/B00YNKO7F2/ref=asc_df_B00YNKO7F2/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309903005216&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6381071673485823078&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1007274&hvtargid=pla-564263322948&psc=1 OR STREAMDECK XL will do this and much much more (unlimited with drop down folders and good for any switch/button) at of course an awful lot of money... https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=streamdeck+xl&i=computers&crid=1ENTFCJDGOF6I&sprefix=stream+deck+xl%2Ccomputers%2C69&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 Hope this helps...
  4. I suspect it is an old bug resurfaced. With me common mostly in Syria. Memory is not being released and times 34mb are held by DCS when exiting from the terrain map. Simple cure but a pain is to reboot DCS and all should be good until you chagr plane / get shot etc. This helps https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/rammap and https://forums.mudspike.com/t/win10-standby-memory/7801 Alt tab out of DCS run RAMMAP64 and 'empty' standby lists. A apin I know, but last time this appeared it stayed for many months and RAMMAP is quicker tan
  5. Simple solution, a small length of elastic cord set so that when lowered the tension is increased. Set a very slight engagement of the clutch to balance your tension of the elastic and you have a complete stiction free hand off hold at any position... virtually zero effort required... perfect! Eventually I'll replace the cord with a black one and tidy the knot.
  6. Yes, with the Forrestal and indeed any carrier spawning one F14 next to another will cause will cause one of the aircraft to explode or more likely suffer a fire and damage to one wingtip. For any sort of gameplay the F14 and Carrier are crippled. It has been posted in many threads many times but unfortunately no response other than an 'investigating' tag on one post thats been there for a long time. An acknowledgement of the problem even with a cursory 'its on the to do list' is better than a silence and avoid some of the frustration.
  7. It is still present. This bug cripples game play for any MP server group flying F14's =. For some reason bug reports in Heatblur and ED SC module seem to be ignored. A simple 'noted' looking into it would reduce some of the frustration.
  8. We regularly fly 20+ F14s & 18s off carriers in MP.... The issue with exploding F14s forced us to use landbases, the F14 cannot be used reliably at Sea even on the Stennis or Forrestal.. Couple that with the random ai CAT launch issues makes for a very frustrating experience. In the Heatblur forum the thread on these issues has been tagged 'investigating' for some long time. It would be nice if ED or HEATBLUR acknowledges the problem and then we would have to just wait for a fix and put the SC module in the spare cupboard for a while rather than posting to keep the fault in the ED view. @BIGNEWY is it confirmed reported.... You do not need trackfiles, just try and spawn 3 or 4 Tomcats at the same time onto a carrier in MP. thanks...
  9. Lads, a MP open to all to come and go as you please, combat PVP or PVE is not the place to go and find friends or team mates to fly regularly with. A group of like minded folks who meet reasonably regularly, help each other and fly aircraft in the style that suits you is the place to go. Sure, some groups are full on and often OTT with military procedures and tactics, real or made up.... but most are not. You only get what you put in. You will not be spoon fed but most will give you as much help and advice as you need. Some require certain standards to join, some certain standards to fly missions, it just depends. My advice is to join a likeminded group and fly regularly, put the time in and learn the groups way of doing things. Some groups you will like others you will not.... that's life. If EU time zoned pop into http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk/ and go to the forum and ask about. Lots of airframes are catered for and most SQNS are laid back with lots of people to help. 4x 24/7 servers, phpbb and discord coexist. If interested in the Carrier side when there give me a shout I look after the Carrier Air Wing primarily equipped with F18Cs AND F14Bs (&T45 dual seat trainer) with 8AVBNA, Mi-17, AH64, UH1H as tertiary airframes. We fly formerly TUE and THU evenings with WW" on Sundays and many other days - Anyone will be made most welcome.
  10. http://forum.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=368&t=5180 CARRIER AIR WING stands up.... incorporating 2 premier RAFAIR UK Squadrons - 892NAS(F18) and XIX(F)(F14B A carrier air wing (abbreviated CVN in the US but CAW within RAFAIRUK) is an operational naval aviation organization composed of several aircraft squadrons and detachments of various types of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Organised, equipped and trained to conduct modern Navy carrier air operations while embarked aboard aircraft carriers, the various squadrons in an air wing have different but complementary (and sometimes overlapping) missions, and provide most of the striking power and electronic warfare capabilities of a carrier strike group CSG. Within RAFAIR UK, CAW will be equipped with F14B, F18C, T45, AV8BNA, SA342(recce), Mi-17(utility), & 64AHD(attack) airframes. The main airframes are the Tomcat F14B and the Hornet F18C with the dual seat T45 in training mode. Roster currently stands at 20+ pilots and if you wish to join us contact us at Common procedures, training and offensive tactics for all aircraft are in place will provide a truly awesome capability. Primary carriers will be the Roosevelt and Forrestal with the Saipan LHT. Currently we have pilots current in 2-4 airframes and this cross training will be encouraged across all airframes to allow even greater flexibility from a naval based perspective. Harrier and Helos are currently seen as a secondary or tertiary to the F14 / F18. Even in RL CAG is expected to be current in 2 airframe types. Currently we have 20+ UK / EU experienced pilots and run 4x 24/7 servers - we always welcome new folk so if you want to progress in the F18 or F14 or F14 RIO, enthusiastic and self motivated come on in and have a chat. I can be contacted here, RAFAir UK or Discord https://discord.gg/gfEHxNMbN3
  11. Unfortunately it is similar too in Multiplayer... F14's constantly collide on the CATs as if there is a damage model issue in that they are too wide to launch on 2 side by side CATs, Ai crew refuse to recognise and act on an approach for launch, Aircraft F18 or F14 stuck on CAT shuttle period... respawn is the only answer, ai on strike ignoring all... In Multi-Player limited use of 2 - 4 Planes is mostly OK though but not much good for MP missions though, involve more Carriers to get folk off just seems to introduce more random bugs into the system. I think there are just so many projects running i.e. sort the F16, Hind and get the Apache marketed that this module has lost priority.. which is a shame, I think I would have preferred a solid working Stennis as a fallback before going down new routes with the SC and the planned enhancements like ready room and lifts / hangars.
  12. PMICELI is correct, I do not think it is a bug just that DCS in VR for spotting is absolutely terrible, it is totally useless for the HP G2. The G2 is a good piece of kit and great with modern jets with systems but for WW2 DCS lets you down big style. Example, G2 GTX2080t1, CPU running at 5.2GHz most settings on high, visibility set to high ultra or extreme, it makes no difference, HP G2 SteamVR set at 100%, do a simple mission with a client spitfire, and have 4 spits coming at you say 5 miles apart. Start, jump into cockpit and hit ACTIVE PAUSE, clear the cockpit with ALT F1 and wait.... you MAY see an approaching spitfire at 2nm in normal view if you are lucky, that's it... and often between 2.5 and 1.5 they fade in and out.... Hit the VR settings in config and dumb everything down, no difference, none just a rubbish projection. Go to SteamVR and degrade performance by selecting 50% with normal DCS high config settings you still get a rubbish picture but you can see the aircraft well beyond 10 miles. Reminds me why the guys who like their servers to be pure client and fight WW2 often are in 2D with 42+" TVs as monitors and resolution set at HD not 4K.... they can then see stuff... Using the G2 to fly WW2 warbirds is fun but not to fight, hence a lot of WW2 planes sit mostly in the hangar... back to jets and radar, SA and friendly AWACS - that side of things is fantastic!!!
  13. For info.... Dedicated DSC server running 4 instances. 2-3 F14's spawning at the same time, 2 allocated spawn spots forward of tower on Starboard side constantly collide and explode.... Caucasus or Syria, SC with or without 'furniture' same result... since last update... additionally instances if Ai deck crew not responding to 'Launch' is up... and 5/10 the launch bar is down on spawn... Probably time to move to the Forrestal for a while until the SC is sort of finished code wise...
  14. Issue identified as having multiple mi24p uncontrolled Ai's in the mission. Removed, .. the weather worked fine.... No idea why this causes a bug but no doubt the dev's will have an idea.....
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