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  1. Now a question. What's the best button to use as additional mod? I like how and where @Thermal mounted his push button but I don't like the button itself (with the led, etc.). What would you recommend? Preferably not very expensive. ;)
  2. Oh men! I just received this force sensing mod. This is f*** precise! After first run it was a bit off center but after running TM calibration tool as said in manual it's just perfect. Somebody earlier said that original slew was 8-bit (256 possible positions). I'm not sure of that as I see it in DIView (raw value) as 10-bit (1024 possible positions). In theory it might depend on Throttle production time (mine is s/n #26413). Or DIView might report something strange. I don't know. What I know is now I'm able to do very fine adjustments using slew control. So... it looks like bye, bye to the Cougar throttle. At least for some time. Deltaalphalima1 you did a great job! Thanks man!
  3. Just got the last one from eBay. Now I hope this throttle will finally replace my old Cougar one. :) (And my wallet prays it will stop me from buying VKB throttle when it comes out...)
  4. VKB posted on thier forum http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=3062
  5. Thank you! It's a nice start point. I used yours Switch Panel config and started to prepare own Multi Panel as yours didn't load (different panel api version?). But I have problem with values displayed on LCD. It's more or less garbage. For example I set ALTIMETER_VALUE to upper LCD in ALT mode and it displays something... but only once in a while it's a correct value. Rest of the time there are just strange big numbers. In DCS-BIOS Control Reference everythings looks good (same as in game). What am I doing wrong? :helpsmilie:
  6. Hi! I recently bought few saitek panels and today I started to play with DCSFP. It's a bit overwhelming at start to configure everything from scrach. Are there any preconfigured profiles somewhere? Looking especially for P-51D.
  7. Sounds very good. I'd love to have this mod. Count me too!
  8. Guys... chill out, assume it won't be available for purchase for at least 6-12 months. Maybe double or triple that time and then and only then consider wait for those grips. I recommend buying what you need for now elsewhere and when (I don't say if because I'm sure that Hegy will deliver) buy more stuff because it will be awesome. But it doesn't make any sense to wait if you need a stick right now. Go for Warthog or Mamba or anything that is on the shelves. Nobody, including Hegy knows when this stuff will be available for purchase as it's in early design and pre-production stage.
  9. I consider buying it to replace Warthog Throttle "ministick" with its. What do you guys thing, would it be possible?
  10. You cannot map ingame unmapped button (in target). Unmapped means unused. In fact you should never leave any unmapped button even if you for some reason don't plan to use it as target sometimes assigns random DX buttons to unmapped ones what can lead to confusion and/or collision. Such buttons should be mapped to 0 (not "0" just 0, null). Like guys above said if you want to map some buttons ingame, not in target you need to assign to them any keystroke with DX buttons being the best choice in this case. Warthog should send regular DX inputs to the system and it might help you with Simple Radio.
  11. Unfortunately not. ControllerMate is brilliant piece of software as (from what I understand) it was designed for professional/industrial controllers. But it's OSX only. The closest thing to it in MS world is TARGET. It has many flaws but if you know how to write C/C++ code it is very powerful though limited to Thrustmaster hardware. I've read there are people who managed to use it with some other devices but everything I tried to add support for MFG rudders was somewhere detected and blocked. There is one more piece of soft, vJoy, which (being opensource) has excellent potential but you need to know your C++ and have a lot of time to customize it beyond what is offered by Universal Joystick Remapper (client app for vJoy). It's still very useful if you have any older sims which allow for only one controller. I use it to play X-Wing Alliance with full HOTAS and rudder setup.
  12. @hegykc Nice to see you back here and in good health. Remember the thing we talked about few months ago? From my part initial r&d is finished and if you're still interested you have my email. Cheers and do something great! :) OG
  13. Hi, since last week I'm happy owner of Oculus Rift. It works quite nicely but I noticed a problem with occlusion culling at peripheral sight. Objects become hidden a bit before they disappear behind the edge of screen. In example you look max left with your eyeballs and move your head in that way that aircraft wing is at the edge of screen and you'll see that some parts of it disappear and reappear at random, control surfaces mostly. At least it's so for P-51D. OG
  14. Subscribing for updates, as in the rest of your topics. If you ever need a programmer contact me. Since some time I'm thinking about creating something like TM TARGET or (OS X) ControllerMate but for any hardware on windows platform.
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