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  1. Hi Mikhail, thanks a lot for your support, now everything is working exactly as before. You have been very kind, professional and quick in answering and solve the mistake. thanks a gain. have a nice flight and a good weekend luigi
  2. Hi Mikhail, I'm Luigi. I'm waiting for your help because since I upgrade the firmware to version 20220304 my collective stop to work. only the P1 axis (collective) is still working but the other analog and button inputs are working. I used both previous profile version and the new one that you sen me (Collect_2_102 and the previous one Collect_2_925) but the situation doesn't change. if you have some ideas, please help me. best regards. sorry the other inputs are NOT working
  3. Hi there, 

    I need tobget in contact with someone else that bought K-51  collective from Mikhail. Too bad during the firmware upgrade I lost the hardware configuration of in/out and at the moment seems to be difficul get in contact with him, probably for the political situation .  I should like to have this config , that can be extracted from the Virlpil software, saving the related config.  Thanks in advance  if somebody will be able to help me. 

  4. Actually the four buttons on the top are died. clicking on it, nothing change and I can't reset, clear, save or load anything
  5. Hi there, after the last upgrade I did this morning, into the controls setup, are disappeared the hardware and the assignments in the menu. pressing the buttons the programmed command seems to work but nothing appear on the screen ( I can't see neither periferal or assignment ). Is just me or someone else got the problem? Thanks.
  6. me again I didn't understood why my thread has been moved here. that isn't a problem af DCS world but I have this problem just with FA18 mods, with the A10 plane I don't have any difficulty. Just I put inte the monitor configuration file as suggested in other thread the instruction to export the DDI but the results are what indicated in my previous post. so why exporting the DDI in the FA18 mods I have the background transparent? thanks luigi
  7. Hi there, I have a little problem. after the new upgrade of the plane and thanks to RightStuff that in another thread help up with their resolution, I tryed to export the twp DDI in monitor config. lua file it seems to work, but for some reason the background instead to be black is transparent. I enclose a picture, but someone could explane me what I did wrong? thanks.
  8. Hi there, after the last release, I undestood that finally was possible to export the DDI. I tried immediately, and wow it works! just one thing the background is transparent (instead to be more or less black) so I see all cockpit instrument trough the DDI. Did I do something wrong? I didn't find any instructions about the syntax of the lua file to export the instruments. they are the same of A-10? thanks again for the attention.
  9. Hi there, thanls Maverick90 after the modification actually, the DDI are MOOOOOORE readable. thanls fo your suggestions.
  10. Hi there, same trouble for me. My screen is made by 4 monitor (3 on top plus one bottom in the middle) Total resolution 5760x2160
  11. Hi there, actually after modify the screen lua file s, things start to work properly. One question about developper: I wonder why for two days I did use the actually file with the statement to export MFD, and after that I didn't. There was something between the two situation that stop the software to work properly. Maybe using another plane, and than load again the F/A-18 mod? By the way, thanks for your help, now I can play again. Have a nice fly, or better "that the number of your take off, be the same of your landings"
  12. [REPORTED] No Video on DDIs Hi there, someone could help me ? After one day without problem, out of the blue my two MFD, left and right, are on but no digit appear in the screen. The third on the pedestal is working perfecly. Push button of MFD and connected commands are working but the screen stay green, more or less. What could be happen? I didn't modify anything inside the setup, just configured some avis ( at the vero beginning throttle didn't work) and some keys of my Warthog. Nothing more. Thanks in advance for some help.
  13. Hi All, I have the following problem in the campaign in the object, I'm not able to pass the firt mission because I receive the messagge "you didn't turn off the ILS" every time. First I assure you that I turn off the ILS, but there is no chance to obtain the first mission pass from the virtual examier. did someone got the same problem? thanks for your help
  14. Hi guys, I have one detail to crear: Could be SoftTh a possibile solution? By the way , happy new year!
  15. Dear Iku64, thanks for your help, but the final result I need i not exactly what I like. That's my default because I wasn't so clear. I enclose one picture about the cockpit that I had wiht DCS version 1.2 As you'll see, i had all the screen working, plus the two MFD fixed on the second monitor. the assembly working prfectly, the problem is that if I try to get the same visual, i have the problem showed previous where I lost the menu on the right side. before the main page keep only the main monitor, with all the functionality available. now the main page keep all the space declared ( 5760x2160 ) with the problem indicated. what I have to change? thanks for help. nowhttp://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=131295&stc=1&d=1451125134
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