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  1. ekg

    DCS Edge 540

    Is handling on the ground accurate? It kinda feels like a tricycle gear aircraft. Not sure if it will ever be a priority but would be much appreciated.
  2. ekg

    DCS Edge 540

    Is there an axis or keyboard command for the mixture?
  3. So I read through this thread. I see that this is being released as a public mod? I'm glad to hear (read) this but was wondering what does that mean? Is this different from modules like CE-II?
  4. This is a buy on site for me! I need an extra in DCS. No other sim will do.
  5. I'd still say this is a problem because if the pilot is solo you cannot access the front seat. The flight instruments should be in reach. The fuel burn select button is accessible so I think the altimeter should be as well.
  6. So a few people have likely noticed that on the ground roll you need hardly any rudder input to keep the CEII straight down the runway. I was thinking about it some more and I was wondering if that is happening because it's a bi-plane? That is the extra set of wings disturb the prop wash before it hits the stabilizer. I'm no aerospace engineer so this is pure speculation. Thoughts?
  7. I notice that the CEII always has two pilots. Is it possible to set it to 1? I'm curious if the weight and balance changes would affect the flight characteristics.
  8. Thanks, switching cockpits worked
  9. I cannot find the clickable input in the cockpit to open the cockpit after it is closed.
  10. The altimeter on the CE2 cannot be set. Scrolling with mouse wheel over the dial does not work even though it is highlighted green with the round icon.
  11. Yeah but even a C172 needs more attention to the rudder on the ground than this one. It produces 180hp and is a tricycle configuration. I think they'll update the ground handling on this sooner or later.
  12. Correct. That's called the POH the pilot's operating handbook.
  13. Compared to the WWII birds this one is way easier than the D9 or Spitfire and probably easier than the P-51. Maybe it was well engineered that way? I was surprised by that. Rudder assist was off.
  14. +1 a PoH for this bird would be great. Quick search hasn't given useful results yet...
  15. I'm a bit surprised at how easy this one handles on the ground. The tail wheel seems to be connected directly to the rudder so no differential breaking needed like the WWII birds. Taking off was surprisingly easy as well. It just took off not much yaw to fight on the roll. The D9 and the spitfire on the other hand took a few tries before I could get them off the ground.
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